About us | C.H. Robinson (2024)

About us | C.H. Robinson (27)

We are the world’s most powerful and most connected logistics platform.

About us | C.H. Robinson (28)

Improving supply chains for global companies

As part of our mission to improve the world’s supply chain, we solve logistics challenges for companies from the simple to the most complex. Hear how industry-leading shippers have transformed their supply chain for better outcomes—to go further, faster.

About us | C.H. Robinson (29)

Making hauling easy for carriers of all sizes

By offering more loads than any other provider, end-to-end technology to keep operations moving, and industry-leading support should challenges arise, we help carriers—from owner operators to large organizations—run and grow their businesses.

Solving logistics challenges across industries




Contract carriers


Supply chain experts


Freight under management


Shipments annually


In revenue in 2023


Digital interactions annually


Countries across 6 continents

Proudly recognized by our customers

Going above and beyond is part of our culture. We are honored when the companies we work with recognize our superior service.

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Broker of the Year

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Logistics Supplier of the Year

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Brokerage Carrier of the Year

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Carrier Partner of the Year

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Provider of the year - Vendor Direct

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Carrier of the Year

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Inbound Carrier of the Year

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Carrier of the Year

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What people are saying


“C.H. Robinson’s Quick Pay is great because it enables us to take on bigger projects that typically require more assets and personnel without cutting into our cash flow.”

Wayne Timmons

President, Timmons Transit Inc.

About us | C.H. Robinson (39)

“Our C.H. Robinson team has proven time and time again that they’re the right people to find the right solutions.”

Ryan Chappell

Logistics Manager

About us | C.H. Robinson (40)

“C.H. Robinson has been an important partner with Coca-Cola North America for many years. It is important to recognize the important contribution of C.H. in helping us keep customers and consumers refreshed daily.”

Betty Arnold

Strategic Transportation Manager

About us | C.H. Robinson (41)

Our people connect the world

We are one of the World’s Most Admired Companies and the strength of our people is our Leading Edge. Working at C.H. Robinson, you can connect the world through technology and innovation. Here, you have the flexibility to create a meaningful career that works with your life. Join our team to collaborate as one diverse, global network to make life better and more sustainable for our customers, communities, and world. Reach for success, reach your life goals, and grow your best self here, with us.

Experience our culture

About us | C.H. Robinson (42)

The C.H. Robinson story

C.H. Robinson Company was started as a wholesale produce company. Today we have evolved into the world’s most powerful logistics platform. Learn how our commitment to success and exceptional service has shaped us into the company we are today.

Uncover our roots

About us | C.H. Robinson (2024)
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