Costco's 2Q 2024 Earnings Analyst Q&A Session Provides Insight Into Company Performance And Market Dynamics - Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ:COST) (2024)



The following is the Analyst Q&A from Costco’s COST 2Q 2024 earnings call:

  • Question about membership fee increase strategy:

Response: Costco historically reviews membership fee increases every 5 years, currently beyond typical cycle.

No immediate plans to increase fees; focus on delivering value and monitoring business performance.

Fee increase is a matter of "when" rather than "if," but timing is still under consideration

  • Question on U.S. expansion and warehouse openings:

Response: U.S. expansion continues with good runway for more warehouses.

Membership renewal rates increase with new openings.

Growth opportunities also seen in international markets.

  • Question on price investments in response to competitors:

Response: Costco maintains daily competitive pricing as part of its DNA.

No need for sizable price investments; confident in current positioning.

  • Question on evolution of Costco's model and technology use:

Response: Costco is expanding buy online, pickup in warehouse offerings.

Technology is a key priority for enhancing member engagement and driving business.

Data and retail media seen as significant opportunities for growth.

  • Question on gross margin ceiling adherence:

Response: Costco adheres to a 14%-15% margin ceiling as part of its core strategy.

No plans to change this approach; focus remains on aggressive pricing for value delivery.

  • Question on digital and e-commerce strategy:

Response: Costco's strength in e-commerce is merchandise and value.

Focus on foundational improvements for better fulfillment and reliability.

Personalization and integration of warehouse and online offerings are opportunities.

  • Question on discretionary sales and member spending:

Response: Discretionary spend indicates members are willing to spend on wants, not just needs.

Categories like Home, Toys, and Sporting Goods are leading due to exciting merchandise.

  • Question on leadership changes and potential strategy shifts:

Response: No major changes planned; proven strategy will continue.

Innovation and adaptation to member needs will persist.

  • Question on vertical sourcing strategy:

Response: Vertical sourcing is strategic and based on need.

Focus on partnerships and stepping in where necessary, but no major expansions announced.

  • Question on Instacart gift cards and strategy:

Response: Strategy is to bring additional value to members.

Partnership with Instacart and Uber expands delivery options and member engagement.

  • Question on warehouse cannibalization and new openings:

Response: Strategic cannibalization is managed with data to adjust for impact.

International expansion continues with some regions taking longer for new openings.

  • Question on SG&A rate potential decrease:

Response: SG&A rate improvement is possible with continued top-line growth.

Warehouse efficiency and technology can drive down SG&A rate.

  • Question on gas gallons growth and impact on traffic:

Response: Gas gallons were up 5% for the quarter, contributing to traffic.

  • Question on unit growth acceleration potential:

Response: Unit growth of 25-30 new locations is solid; strategic infill and international expansion are key.

  • Question on Uber partnership and multi-provider delivery strategy:

Response: Uber partnership opens new member engagement opportunities and international expansion.

  • Question on non-foods innovation and competitive environment:

Response: Non-foods driven by unique items and great values.

Costco is competitive and gaining market share in various categories.

  • Question on Costco Logistics growth drivers:

Response: 28% increase driven by appliances, furnishings, and outdoor categories.

Costco Logistics only delivers for Costco members, no partnerships included in reported growth.

  • Question on Costco Next and marketplace model:

Response: Costco Next seen as significant growth driver and opportunity to expand offerings.

Marketplace will be curated to maintain unique and valuable offerings for members.

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Costco's 2Q 2024 Earnings Analyst Q&A Session Provides Insight Into Company Performance And Market Dynamics - Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ:COST) (2024)
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