Florida vs. NC State final score, result: Jac Caglianone, Brandon Neely star as Gators stave off elimination | Sporting News (2024)

Staring down the barrel of elimination in this year's College World Series, Jac Caglianone and Brandon Neely smiled.

The Florida standouts were seemingly amused at the prospect of their team falling out of the CWS bracket entirely. Facing off against No. 12 NC State, Caglianone and Neely put on a pair of performances that could reverberate across Gainesville for some time to come.

Caglianone launched another crater into orbit while Neely struck out six in three innings of relief as Florida vanquished the Wolfpack, 5-4, to stave off elimination a little while longer.

Caglianone projected to be one of the more prominent figures in Monday's contest. He's the nation's most fearsome home run hitter and dovetails as a slick-slinging southpaw, too.

His time on the mound came to an end after just one inning β€” Caglianone appeared to be experiencing some kind of discomfort when he took the dugout after tossing 33 pitches in the opening frame. No matter, though. He made his impact felt a half-inning later, connecting with Dominic Fritton's inside fastball and turning it into smithereens for a three-run blast. That gave the Gators a little breathing room as they attempted to find mix-and-match their relief pitching to outsmart NC State.

They soon landed on Neely, who entered the game in the sixth to little fanfare. Over the next three innings, the right-hander would tear the Wolfpack apart to the tune of six strikeouts. He surrendered just one hit and one walk during his time on the bump, besting even the most dangerous of NC State hitters.

With Florida's game – and season β€” on the line, it was Neely who was called to take the ball in the ninth inning. And like he did throughout the earlier few openings of the game, he responded with authority, striking out two before coaxing a lazy fly ball into left field to end things.

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The Gators inched past elimination by the skin of their teeth. For that, they have primarily two men to thank: Jac Caglianone and Brandon Neely.

The Sporting News is tracking live scores and highlights from Monday's College World Series knockout game between Florida and NC State. Below are the results of the contest that took place at Omaha during this year's College World Series.

Florida vs. NC State baseball score

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Florida vs. NC State live updates, highlights from College World Series

(All times Eastern)

End of game: Florida 5, NC State 4

Bottom of ninth inning

4:54 p.m.:Makarewicz flies out into left field as the Gators stave off elimination...again. The Wolfpack are eliminated from postseason contention.

4:53 p.m.:Neely sets Serrano and Pennington aside on strikes. Just one out remaining.

Top of ninth inning

4:45 p.m.:NC State gets out of yet another one after intentionally walking Caglianone.

Bottom of eight inning

4:41 p.m.:Neely flashes a fastball beyond Soles for strike 3. Impressive showing in relief by the righty.

4:39 p.m.:Nixon whiffs on the nasty inside slider. Looked for a moment like maybe he would get on base as the ball flew towards the backstop. But Donay put those concerns to a rest, throwing him out at first.

4:37 p.m.:Andrew Shaffner supplants Sosa at second as a pitch-runner, while Heavner departs in favor of Chase Nixon (Luke's brother) at the plate.

4:36 p.m.:Nixon performs a sacrifice bunt to move Sosa to second. Worked like a treat. Tying run on second base with one away.

4:35 p.m.:Sosa starts things with a bang, rifling a single into the lush outfield grass. Good start for the Wolfpack in this pivotal inning.

Top of eight inning

4:30 p.m.:NC State once again shimmies it way out of danger, keeping the deficit at 1.

Bottom of seventh inning

4:22 p.m.:Neely sends Butterworth back to the dugout with his fastball. Impressive poise by the right-hander.

4:20 p.m.:Neely misses his 3-2 attempt towards Jake Mozart. The go-ahead run is now on base.

4:18 p.m.:Filthy effort by Neely, who buckles Makarewicz with a fastball at the knees. Two gone for the Gators.

4:16 p.m.:Pennington flies out deep to center field. One gone for reliever Brandon Neely.

4:12 p.m.:Leadoff walk spells the end of Jake Clemente's short relief appearance. Pennington and Makarewicz looming in the distance. You kinda understand why the Gators felt the need to make the change.

Top of seventh inning

4:10 p.m.:NC State gets out the inning unblemished.

Bottom of sixth inning

4:03 p.m.:Florida gets out of the bottom half unscathed. Onto the seventh.

Top of sixth inning

3:54 p.m.:1-2-3 innings don't come quite like this one. Noah Soles with one of the most impressive catches you'll see, tracking the ball deep into the warning track before stretching to reel it in and end the frame.

Bottom of fifth inning

3:48 p.m.:Inning comes to a close with a strikeout. Wolfpack still have an uphill climb to win this one.

3:45 p.m.: NC STATE SCORING PLAY β€”Impressive bit of two-out hitting by Butterworth, who sends Pennington home with a double he stroked into right field.

Butter is THAT dude 😎

RBI double makes it a one run game. pic.twitter.com/4zgO6j5tMS

β€” #Pack9 ⚾️ (@NCStateBaseball) June 17, 2024

Florida 5, NC State 4

3:42 p.m.:Ground out keeps Pennington tethered to second base.

3:40 p.m.:Pennington leads things off with a double, lacing his effort onto the left field wall. A promising start if you're of a red-and-white persuasion today.

Top of fifth inning

3:35 p.m.: FLORIDA SCORING PLAY β€”Shelnut corks into a misfired changeup that caught too much of the plate, putting it over the left field bleachers. The Gators double their advantage with the blink of an eye β€” and the swing of a bat.

SOLO SHELLY πŸ₯³#GoGators | πŸ“ΊESPN pic.twitter.com/FiwKy4rDjC

β€” Florida Gators Baseball (@GatorsBB) June 17, 2024

Florida 5, NC State 3

Bottom of fourth inning

3:30 p.m.:It doesn't cost the Gators, however. Double play ends the inning with a flourish.

3:28 p.m.:Error puts one runner on after Fisher coaxes a groundout to start the frame.

Top of fourth inning

3:23 p.m.:Whitaker pulls the string to get Wilson down on strikes. Half-inning over.

3:21 p.m.:Whitaker baffles Kurland with the heat. Gives him a chance to intentionally walk Caglianone and set himself up for a duel with Wilson.

3:19 p.m.:After Donay struck out to start the inning, Robertson takes first base on the single to shallow center. Whitaker still attempting to find his footing as a reliever.

Bottom of third inning

3:14 p.m.:Nixon strikes out to conclude the frame.

3:12 p.m.:After Fisher coaxed two outs, Sosa restarts the rally with a liner that evaded Heyman's glove in first base.

3:07 p.m.: NC STATE SCORING PLAY β€”Makarewicz rips one into the concourses, taking advantage of Garrett Pennington's lead-off HBP to cut the Gators' advantage to one.


Third straight game with a homer for @Alec_mak99. pic.twitter.com/Q4IeX3n07F

β€” #Pack9 ⚾️ (@NCStateBaseball) June 17, 2024

Florida 4, NC State 3

Top of third inning

3:03 p.m.:NC State follows up Florida's 1-2-3 with one of its own.

Bottom of second inning

2:56 p.m.:1-2-3 inning for Cade Fisher, who entered the game in Caglianone's stead.

Top of second inning

2:49 p.m.:Shelton whiffs on Fritton's offering, bringing the top half of the inning to a close.

2:47 p.m.:Fritton's doldrums continue, as he issues yet another free pass β€” his third of the contest.

2:44 p.m.: FLORIDA SCORING PLAY β€”Caglianone sends a shot into the summer breeze, rocketing Fritton's errant fastball into the left field bleachers. Talk about giving yourself run support...

Absolute laser beam. πŸ’₯#GoGators // πŸ“ΊESPN pic.twitter.com/jz2Pzn0FSz

β€” Florida Gators Baseball (@GatorsBB) June 17, 2024

Florida 4, NC State 1

2:43 p.m: FLORIDA SCORING PLAY β€”Kurland does his part, rifling off a fly ball into right field to bring in Holmes. We are level at 1. NC State 1, Florida 1

2:40 p.m.:Robertson keeps his nerve, firing off a scorcher to load the bases for Kurland. The Wolfpack are already getting Logan Whitaker warmed up in the bullpen.

2:39 p.m.:Fritton surrenders his second walk of the inning, issuing a seven-pitch pass on Donay.

2:36 p.m.:Fritton walks Holmes after missing his mark on the 3-2 count.

2:34 p.m.:Impressive diving grab by Butterworth, who robs Shelnut's 107 mph line drive with a step and leap to the right.

We stand by our statement. https://t.co/xlyOQMo6qp pic.twitter.com/Yla5yqOrC8

β€” #Pack9 ⚾️ (@NCStateBaseball) June 17, 2024

2:32 p.m.:Caglianone appears to be rubbing his arm in the dugout between innings. One to watch as the game progresses.

Bottom of first inning

2:30 p.m.:Robertson fields Nixon's fly ball in stride, snatching it out the sky with relative ease. The Gators get out of the inning relatively unscathed.

2:29 p.m.:Sosa is set aside on strikes after Caglianone places a delicate curve on the inside corner. Two gone.

2:26 p.m.: NC STATE SCORING PLAY β€”Butterworth sends a scorcher through the six hole, bringing in the runner from third base. He immediately slots into the trifecta of NC State baserunners hoping to get their chance to touch home, as well. The Wolfpack are hoping to put up a big number here.

.@SlippinOnButter is one smooth dude 🧈

B1 | Pack 1, FLA 0 pic.twitter.com/Y700BI1NaX

β€” #Pack9 ⚾️ (@NCStateBaseball) June 17, 2024

NC State 1, Florida 0

2:18 p.m.:Caglianone in a hole already. Has sent three batters on base after plunking one and walking two. Bases loaded for Butterworth as he attempts to make a splash for the Wolfpack.

Top of first inning

2:15 p.m.:Fritton tightropes out of the inning after plunking a pair of Gators batters. Sets Heyman down on strikes before striding into the dugout.

2:14 p.m.:Kurland and Caglianone retired via groundout and strikeout, respectively.


  1. Cade Kurland
  2. Jac Caglianone
  3. Ashton Wilson
  4. Colby Shelton
  5. Luke Heyman
  6. Tyler Shelnut
  7. Dale Thomas
  8. Brody Donay
  9. Michael Robertson

P: Jac Caglianone

NC State

  1. Eli Serrano III
  2. Garrett Pennington
  3. Alex Makarewicz
  4. Jacob Cozart
  5. Brandon Butterworth
  6. Alex Sosa
  7. Luke Nixon
  8. Matt Heavner
  9. Noah Soles

P: Dominic Britton

How to watch Florida vs. NC State

  • Start time:2p.m. ET
  • TV channel:ESPN
  • Live stream:ESPN+, Fubo

Florida vs. NC State will be carried on ESPN. Those hoping to stream the game can find it on ESPN+ or on Fubo, which offers a free trial.

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Florida vs. NC State final score, result: Jac Caglianone, Brandon Neely star as Gators stave off elimination | Sporting News (2024)
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