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6 years ago, Legalgirl01

LOVE this app! Great tool for Keto

The app was recently updated to calculate sugar alcohol and dietary fiber in order to get a true net carb count. This was the ONLY this that this app needed. I love everything about this app. I can scan a barcode in for nutritional info (if it isn’t in there already). It even has restaurant food (ie Chic fil A sandwich or Panera soup) It breaks your day down by meal or by carb count, calorie count, etc (however you’d like it to break down). You can easily copy from one day to the next if you eat the same thing frequently. If you’re even thinking of eating a food you can see how it will affect your macros for the day and it won’t save it unless you tell it to. So you can change your mind if it’s going to put you over your limits! It’s great. It even keeps track of my water intake (which really makes you conscious of how much you’re drinking). Now I see that I can create a grocery list based off of my favorited foods. I haven’t tried that yet, but I plan on it now that I know it’s there. I used the free version for about a month then I upgraded to the PRO. It has way more features. Just spend the $12 or whatever it was. It was very inexpensive for something that I rely on every day to keep me in check. You won’t be disappointed!! I only wish it was compatible with my iPad. I tried to install it today and it said it couldn’t. Hopefully that will come in the near future.

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5 years ago, Mgmt Professional

Good app, next level suggestion

I’m new to Keto and still learning. This app is very user friendly & I instantly dropped 10 pounds. I really like all the features of this app & I look forward to calculating my macros before I eat something. I like that it tracks water & deducts a few carbs for exercise. I’d love to see exercise options include professions that are physically active like food service, retail work, nursing, construction, etc. It would be fun & encouraging to those of us who are on our feet literally all day at work. Ultimately, a suggestion for developers that would help is if we could deduct food items that we REMOVE from restaurant meals. Example: a certain “unwich” from a common sandwich chain typically has tomatoes. If I have them hold the tomatoes, I’d like to be able to deduct them from the total carb count for that “unwich”. Or, maybe it would be easier to see which ingredients ARE included in the carb count. Even just a quick list of ingredients, so we know what is being calculated, would help. Experienced Keto dieters probably don’t need this function, but it’s definitely something I’ve wished for several times over the past few weeks. Overall, I think this app is worth the money & I appreciate having it as a tool while I’m on this journey.

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2 years ago, Good times10000000

Decent app if you can live with the bugs

I started using this app a few weeks ago and bought the annual subscription based on the excellent reviews. I was new to keto and I have gotten a lot out of this app. The app concept of tracking food with a large food database and advice is great. However, I was not aware of the issues with the tracking and at first got a little frustrated. Now that I know what to look for (at least what I’ve observed so far) I can live with the issues and still find the app handy to use. For me, the issues are 1) food I add sometimes disappears (literally in front of my eyes sometimes - it’s there in my tracker and then gone), 2) when I go to re-enter the item I sometimes look back later and it will be there twice. Like the first entry was hiding in the background 3) largest issue for me is scanning a label and then choosing a reduced amount of the food. Something is wrong with the translation of 1/4 cup to 2 tablespoons (or even if you enter as a decimal). 4 tbsp in a 1/4c but the app is calculating a much smaller portion - I feel like it may be basing it on a serving = a cup and not 1/4. Not sure. In any event, now that I know to look for this I just enter the food manually and it’s all good. Overall I like the app but I wish I had read more recent reviews to know to pay attention more because it’s quirky.

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2 years ago, Charlenee22

Works when it works, but it usually doesn’t

I’ve been using this app for over a month and its helped me immensely in tracking my food and keeping consistent with my diet. However, there are a lot of bugs that make it really difficult to use the app a lot of the time. Really frequently, the food I put in or recipes I put in will sometimes just disappear out of nowhere. It will be there one second and then just completely vanish. With regular food items it’s annoying, but I can deal with it. With recipes, however, it’s really upsetting sometimes. I’ll just log on and ALL the recipes that I regularly use and have there for ease are just gone. Eventually when you open the app up again sometime later they’ll be there, but it’s incredibly annoying when you need to log a meal and don’t want to input EVERY ingredient. And then sometimes when I’m doing that, the ingredients themselves will just disappear which is even worse because I have to be so precise about the amount per serving I log in. I tolerated these issues just fine but in the past week the app has begun to crash consistently EVERY time I use it and it’s open for more than half a minute. I reached out to customer support about these issues a week or two ago and received no response; really disappointing especially because I’m paying for the plan to use the app and I simply can’t most of the time without great issue.

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3 years ago, Ctanmo

Excellent App For Keto and Fasting

In repose to the developer: it’s unfortunate that you are unable to add a manual option. Not everyone follows the same macro profile. Some need less protein while others need more. Having a manual option is not impossible to do as other apps allow this; it’s just laziness in your part as a developer. I needed a new app since the others I used were just too cumbersome or you had to pay for net carb calculations. I found this app and I am glad that I did. Very simple to use, adding and removing foods is easy to do and the bonus of having a fasting timer makes this app an all in one for me. I liked it enough to purchase a year of the Pro feature. My one and only request to make this app a 5 star would be to have the ability to either manually enter your calories and macros separately without the lever affecting the other macros. Even better, typing in each macro into their respective box without affecting/adjusting the other macros would be awesome. Not a deal breaker but would be great to have. Other than that tiny adjustment, I think this app is great and I’ll continue to use it. The widgets are super nice too.

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6 years ago, JPro425

Great app, with only one issue

First let me say I’ve tried a few diet apps to track my carb intake, but since going Keto I wanted an app with more specific information - one that closely tracked my food intake AND let me know where I was food-wise (macros) at any given point in the day. This app meets all my criteria and has a lot of other great bonus features. I almost NEVER pay for an app, but I don’t mind paying for this one - IT’S THAT GOOD! And since I started using it 3 weeks ago, I’ve lost 13 lbs. I attribute that in great part to this app. I enter my meals BEFORE I eat and the macro circles show me where I am in consumption as it relates to that particular meal. At that point I can choose to eliminate part or all of a food before I eat it, if desired. It’s very motivating! All said, the only negative is that when you click on any of the individual macros (fat, proteins, carbs), the very, very light and tiny text (yellow, blue, green) below each food item is impossible to read. I need to use a magnifying glass! And if you go over a specific macro, I.e. protein, you want to identify your counts. Note to the developers: why not make the text black for the macro counts and leave the circles at the top in colors? Easy coding fix... Otherwise, I love it and it is definitely worth $1 per month if you are serious about a Keto lifestyle.

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5 years ago, RugbyRalphy

Excellent app! Easy to use and huge database

I’ve used other food trackers in the past with different experiences. I moved to this particular app after my Dr put me on a Keto diet. This app, despite being a specialized type of diet, far surpasses other mainstream trackers like MyPlate. The food database is ENORMOUS and easily searchable, you can even scan labels. Other cool options, you can make your own meals and then be able to eat them fractionally. Favorite lists and copying entire meals from one day to another are also excellent for ease of use. The app also integrates fully with the health app (and by extension the Apple Watch) so tracking exercise is a breeze. I only had one support issue so far and the company rep got back to me within 12 hours and was quite polite. Turns out, the glitch was with the health app, not Keto app, and was fixed with a hard restart of the phone itself. Best. Tracking app. Ever.

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4 years ago, elena.gerli

Mostly very good app

This is so far the easiest keto app that I’ve tried (to be fair I have only 3 or 4 others, but I don’t have enough free time to do more). I really like the ability to break my food intake by meal. The macro break downs at the top of each day’s food intake and by meal are very helpful too. I like being able to scan foods, create foods and recipes, and save foods as favorites for easy access. The app easily syncs with my Health App (Apple) and therefore tracks my exercise from my Apple Phone. I can also add exercise manually. The less user friendly features are: you can attempt to edit foods when the nutrition labels are clearly off, but when you submit the edit, it disappears into the void and you never hear back. Customer support is nonexistent as far as I can tell. I’ve submitted several questions and received no response, ever. The help database is very basic. I cannot figure out how to change my activity level. I want to drop it down from lightly active to sedentary bc the app is giving me too many calories for my metabolism, but there seems to be no way to do that. And finally, when I do a search, my favorite foods that include that word should come up first but rarely do. If these things are fixed I would be happy to change my rating to 5 stars.

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2 years ago, Quipow

Frustrated! Loved the app… until…

After weeks and weeks of intentionally and meticulously keeping a detailed log, I got a notification that the app needed updating. I saw the latest update info that said the long awaited sync update would allow data to be saved even when reinstalling the app etc. etc. I updated. I lost ALL of my data! All my progress records… GONE! Reached out to customer support and they said they can’t restore the data but are working on the issue. Why say that this issue was resolved in numerous of your update posts? It is clearly not resolved and I am incredibly frustrated. I trusted those update notifications. I could have kept using it without the update as it was fine. I truly have loved everything about this app. It has motivated me and was easy to use. I have tried others. I lost 11 pounds using this! But now I have no reference, no records. All my favorite items were saved, all my barcode scans were saved… all my data entries, the most important part, …lost. If that is not of concern to you, then this app is great! If you like a motivational record of your progress and goes etc… then just know this is still an issue and has not been fixed by updates. 😩.

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4 years ago, hardrockrobin

Might be a good app, but I’ll never find out

Was excited to see A different app to use with the KetoDiet, however, they limit your usage to only five entries before asking for money. I wanted a couple days to try this before switching from the one I’ve been using for the past year. This tells me they don’t have enough faith that their product would prove it’s worth enough to entice users to spend the money to upgrade. Anyone who does food tracking knows that five entries would even cover third of a day. I rarely read reviews before trying an app because I want to form my own impression. Your limited entries sent me straight to the review section to read the 2-3 star ratings only, to see how users really feel about the app. Giving me, say, 50 entries would have prevented this and would have given me 3 days to see how it worked. It also would eliminate about 30% of the poor reviews it got. Dear potential user - read the 2&3 star reviews to see what’s lacking, especially read developer responses. The responses alone will lead you to believe they don’t fully understand some of the intricacies of the Keto lifestyle. Most of the 5 star ratings sound like they haven’t tried other trackers or their reviews have been paid for.

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5 years ago, EmJayAch

Almost perfect

I’ve only used this app for about a week and I do rely on it a lot. It has easy to use features. Clear information. And good graphics to understand where you are. Inputting information is easy, you either search or scan almost anything. And if it isn’t in the database, you can add it. This is where a little improvement could help. The nutritional input for added items needs to be expanded. It limits you to calories, fat, protein and carbs with no explanation or breakdown. I’m not sure if it’s to be this # for fat or not. Also, many don’t know how to calculate net carbs 100%. Id recommend expanding the input fields to help with calculation. This app syncs with Apple health app where it imports information. Everything transfers with ease except the weight. I have an Apple compatible WiFi scale. The information makes it to Apple health. The first few days it made it to this app, but has since stopped. I’ve synced, re-synced etc with no luck. My steps still transfer but not weight. So overall a good app. Just needs to get nutritional fact input expanded and the weight transfer to work.

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4 years ago, angeliaanderson


I paid for the year because well it’s only $12 so not a big loss. I tried others and I feel all are just about the same but after the reviews for this one I though I might as get this one since it has good reviews. The only major complaint is the limits of the free version. Well I’m wishing I could get my money back at this point several days in and not one single barcode that I’ve scanned has been correct in the app. Sometimes it even brings up random things not related to my scanned item or if it does bring it up it is entered incorrectly and but mostly it just says nothing found 🙄so the lack of food library items is irritating and the reason I don’t care for this app. I have to manually put in every single thing I eat which is time consuming to say the least. It negates the entire reason I got this app in the first place. The app also does not let you add stuff just randomly you have to add to your meal for that day then delete the item. I wish you would add a tab to create a recipe without adding to the day. Fix those things and it would be worth the money.

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7 years ago, Claudia2010

If you count true net carbs, not your App!

This is a great concept and a simple one, easy to use. But if you are trying to lose wait and every carb counts, this App is NOT accurate at all. Alcohol sugars as well as dietary fiber should be subtracted from the total carb count in order to get the true carb amount consumed. This makes a huge difference when you are utilizing some of Atkins bars to keep you going throughout the day. It's also discouraging as it looks like you over consumed your daily allowable card intake. Not good for dieters. I wrote Support and they just said "we're working in it". I purchased a 3 month membership because the trial one is crap. If you are a variety eater it doesn't allow you to add a lot of foods. But even with a membership, the restaurants and food choices are limited. They should have launched this when they were more prepared. I do love the scan option, however. But overall, it's a great way to become hyper aware of what you place in your mouth. I lost 15 pounds putting my food into this App but as it did not reflect acueste carb count, it was too much work to keep a separate journal. What's the point of having the App then, right? Delete.

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3 years ago, Elaina-Jaide

Only carb counter with a dark mode ❤️❤️

I’m new to carb counting and have impaired vision. I tried the other carb counter and could barely see it. I wish more developers would err on the side of caution and just make their apps dark with larger font so that even those without perfect vision can see it! I feel like this app is definitely worth paying for. I paid for three months but will definitely be purchasing a yearly subscription. I enjoy this app. It’s easy to use and helps break down macros in a way that is not intimidating. This is by far one of the best carb counters out there. My only wish is that the database were a little bit bigger and it have a place to track blood sugar and ketone levels for those who need it. Overall the app creators/ developers did an amazing job with this app. Thank you!! 💕💕💕

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6 years ago, JennLensing

Concerned about accuracy

First off, all the negative reviews because you have to pay to use this app to its fullest extent are ridiculous! Companies need to make money too, just like you. Since when are you “entitled” to a FREE app that does it all?? They have to pay employees to create these apps inc updates, etc. 🤷🏼‍♀️... With that being said, I am concerned now about accuracy with this app after sifting through so many comments. DEVELOPERS~ thank you for making such a great app and offering it to me at such an affordable price of $12 a year. Can you comment on accuracy of net carbs, etc. to ease my mind. I really love using this app, but I want to make sure I’m staying within my macros at same time. Also, will there be an update in the future that allows for more flexible options on portion size such as oz, grams, cup, slice, etc on all the foods? I don’t always have a scale, like when I’m on the go. Other than that, your app is awesome!!

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5 years ago, Sspear1

Needs a lot of work

When I first downloaded the app I was extremely happy with how close to my fitness pal it was with usability and putting in foods and tracking everything for you (Especially being new to the keto lifestyle) being able to scan things and once you put everything in tracking your macros for you. however as I’m using this app today I’m finding that there’s a lot you can’t do without upgrading to pro and there’s no explanation as to what pro gives you without an explanation why am I going to pay money for an app that potential is not gonna give me everything necessary for it to be a useful app. I can’t add in all my food that I’ve had today which is ridiculous seeing as how I’ve only eaten three things and I’m not even close to my macro counts I’m very unhappy with the app and thinking very strongly about deleting it unless something is fixed. I’ll stay on it a little bit longer but note to creators you’re going to start losing a lot of customers if things don’t change I’ve noticed this is what a lot of the reviews lately are becoming.

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6 years ago, _ELAP_

Mediocre app, great keto results

I am enjoying my new keto lifestyle and having good results. I like this app and it is an integral part of my day. However 80% if the branded items I scan or lookup are incorrect. I understand that food manufacturers update ingredients and adjust nutritional information but I feel that 80% is too high of a percentage of inaccuracy. I double check everything I scan/lookup. The barcode scanner does function well. I really like the new feature of saving favorites. I also like the meal creator and being able to edit the items. I don’t understand all the negative reviews about the app not being free. It’s clearly indicated in the description. I am a pro member and feel the price is very affordable for a year. I consider it an investment in myself. A few suggestions: -the interface between Apple health and the app isn’t great in regards to adding items to your day. I might add/remove some foods to plan my macros and move things around but anytime you a food to the app, it reports it to Apple health. If you remove and decide to add another food or amount, it also adds to Apple health this accumulating anything added to the app even if it was deleted. -weight tracker is confusing. Doesn’t track total weight lost from start date but tracks incremental loss from the last recorded date. -I wish the app didn’t open by default with the macros “exploded”. I find myself always minimizing them.

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2 years ago, S3rock

Great app but

Love this app when I first got it but now they added a data synchronization feature when is a nuisance in my opinion. The app use to start fast. Now you have to wait for a data download which takes a long time. Sometimes it hangs and I have to close the app. There’s no reason to download your history every time. I mean just put a checksum on the data and if it matches, there’s nothing to do. If it’s downloading data each time, it’s only only to get slower and slower. And if this is only for reinstalling, this just add an import data feature. Don’t punish everyone else! Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars. You know this really bugs me. I don’t use the app as much. If it continues, I’ll look for something else

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5 years ago, ,.hjih

Like the app but could use a few things

Been using the app for a week. Current functionality is great and workflows are well designed. I haven’t noticed any bugs. I feel like MFP always made macro tracking harder than it needed to be and this app does a better job. That said I think some features are missing to make this a five star app. One is a simple weight tracker. I currently switch back to MFP to do this and would prefer to do it all on one app. Another is tracking fiber intake. Tracking dietary fiber while on keto helps keep me regular and it’d be great if the app helped with that. Lastly, since this is a keto app, it’d be cool if it also had a ketone level tracker. It may be tricky to get this right as it would probably need a different tracker for keto strips vs a blood ketone tester but tracking this would help me figure my individual levels at which my body goes into/out of ketosis through personal experimentation.

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6 years ago, JJ718

Great app but should offer a non-keto version too

I have been using this app for awhile now and I really like it. I think it is really helpful to see each of the macros for the day plus the percentage of calories so you know the breakdowns for each day and exactly how far away you are from hitting your goals. It is very simple to use and has great features, especially with the new added water tracker! The food database continues to get better and better and the food scanner works great. My only complaint is that the app should be available for non-keto diet people. I don’t actually follow a keto diet, but like this app so much that I still use it to track my macros! The advanced mode lets you manipulate your calories and macro percentages, but it won’t let you exceed 150g of carbs so this make the app limited to carb controlled diets only. I think a version of this app for regular macro tracking would be amazing if it was made!!

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2 years ago, sja8005

Doesn’t work

Just started Keto Diet and needed a way to track all my food. Bought 3 months of the pro subscription so that I can actually add more than 5 separate items a day and guess what? Doesn’t work or show up. Messaged customer support and they say it will be at least a week till an update is made to fix problem. So now I am out the cash I spent on subscription, which you know once it’s fixed it won’t be updated to show that day as day 1 of subscription. So I basically will have lost time I paid for. And also now I cannot track my food until they fix it. I am extremely upset by this. What a waste of time and money. If you want to actually add more than 5 items and have your money put towards a subscription then this app is not for you! And when asked for a refund their customer support said they cannot refund my money. Only apple can. I am beyond angry. Your app does not register when someone purchases a subscription and now you will not help refund my money. Wow. Your company rips people off.

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2 years ago, lil-biscuit

After using for almost 2 years a new update is ruining the app

I like this app because it’s easy. And because it is easy I have been able to be consistent with it and have lost 90 pounds. A recent update in the last two weeks makes me so frustrated though. Every time I open the app before I can even track anything at all, a message pops up saying it’s synchronizing my data and not to close the app. So I wait for the message to disappear. It takes several minutes, and then I can finally put my food for the meal on the tracker but after one entry, the message appears again…..more waiting….the cycle continues for several attempts before I just close the app. I pay for the subscription on the app and it’s so inconvenient to use now. In addition to that, after the update, all the recipes I created and saved and all of my favorites have disappeared completely.

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6 years ago, tahhoe

😟 Not Happy

On a recommendation from another Keto person, I downloaded this app. Being brand new, the first day I was excited because I thought it was fairly easy to use & understand. Then I tried to scan. Wouldn’t scan. Ok. Moving on to Day 2 (which, btw, is today). I’m only up to lunch & again I tried to scan. Wouldn’t scan. (Oh, & I tried to scan something at the store yesterday as well. Guess what? Wouldn’t scan 😑). I’ve only had one successful scan out of about 4 attempts. Then as I’m trying to input food, all of a sudden I get a banner wanting me to upgrade. UPgrade. UPGRADE DAMMIT. but I don’t WANT to upgrade at this point in time. I’ve used this app a whole day & thus far, haven’t been super impressed. But it won’t allow me to continue working with the app, get buy-in from me & let me decide within a reasonable time that maybe I’d want to. So ya know what?? It’s getting the ol @# delete button at this point. You want to get pushy with me, that’s what you’re gonna get. And letting other keto people know which app NOT to waste their time with.

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5 years ago, Hubava

Overall good app but few options to suggest

I would suggest for developers to add option to correct meals within the day. Meaning, if I enter something for breakfast instead for lunch by mistake, there is no option to change the meal type but to delete it and add it again to the meal type. I would like to suggest adding up export option into excel format as well. I am syncing my data with my iPhone health app. However the amounts of calories, nutrients doesn’t match on the health app with this app. They are always over the correct amount. Issues: The export into PDF file doesn’t work. It crashes the app. Also there is no option to see your progress history of weight, and nutrition. I hope that feedback would help the developers to fix these issues, and make the app better. Overall I like it, and if you take my suggestions into account and add these options, that would be very beneficial for both sides.

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7 years ago, moi55

Started out well, BUT...

I was trying to putting in a specific recipe as my meal. It seem easy and good to go. But I left out an ingredient-- when I tried to edit the recipe it wouldn't allow me. It kept sending me to purchase pro. On my first try, I thought I could actually see if would meet my needs, but I couldn't do a basic entry. After reviewing the reviews I saw we were limited to 5 items to a meal. Really??!! My smoothie recipe had 6. So I went back and removed a nominal item then tried to put in spinach. It wouldn't allow me without purchasing the Pro. I am on a medically supervised Keto Diet and was given a set amount of Net Carbs per Meal, Daily goals for fat, Fiber & Protein. The goal setter was fine for the Net Carbs. It wasn't adjustable enough for my prescribed daily fats & protein. Initially I thought that would be workable as I developed my meals. I would just track my daily goals via paper & pencil. At first, I thought this was a great find. But, not being able to complete one dinner without being blocked until I purchased the Pro level was a bit much. So, I believe I will go back to "Lose It". I used it for over a year on the free level with great success (69 pounds gone) and no obnoxious push to go pro. I am ready for a higher level app and I was checking out a few. After this experience, I will check out 2 more apps, but "Lose It" is in the lead for paying a subscription. Very disappointing . I also w

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5 years ago, kelsokale

Premium user thinks there could be improvements

I’m using this app for logging custom macros and it’s working pretty good - I love that I can save favorite items, scan barcodes, create my own meals. I love seeing the format my macros are displayed in, and knowing what foods will put me over my goals etc. The biggest let downs that have me considering switching to another diet tracking app are: - this app has no way to look at your habits in a chart form, to see what your diet looked like over a given week, month, or year. To see what days I went above or below on calories and macro nutrients, and overall trends, would be immensely helpful! -there is no easy way to just “create a meal” to save for future reference. You have to add something to your log for the day, then go to “my meals” and “create a meal.” It’s cumbersome. I would love to have all those tabs be available as an interface that doesn’t require me trying to log my food first.

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5 years ago, Neonshizzy


The UI is gorgeous, in fact better than MyFitnessPal! It moves so smoothly between screens and the font and colors and icons you guys went with are perfection. For those of you complaining about the free version being to restrictive and it’s unfair that the pro version isn’t free... have you ever made an app before? It’s INSANELY hard to do! It takes months sometimes years of completely draining your brain and energy and everything and pouring into it. They DESERVE to get paid for working as hard as they do! And an app of this caliber I can guarantee was a struggle to perfect! Would you do your 9-5 job for free out of the goodness of your heart for years and years? Heck no! So stop telling this amazing talented Devs to! Thank you guys for such a quality app! Keep up the good work!

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4 years ago, KaelaSeana

Get Carb Manager Instead

I was really excited when I first downloaded the app because it seemed to be everything I was looking for. It has a great breakdown of calories, carbs, proteins and fats. But, this app is too limiting on the keto diet. Every time you enter a food, you receive an ad telling you to upgrade to premium and you can only add 5 items a day. By the time dinner came around, I added my breakfast (eggs and bacon), lunch (smoothie) and snacks (nuts). I tried to create a recipe and I was unable to add my dinner. I came to the reviews to see if other users were having the same issue or if I was doing something wrong—it’s the app. Without upgrading to pro, you cannot accurately input all of your daily intake. In reading the reviews, some users noted that “Carb Manager” is a much better app for keto diets. I downloaded it and transferred my food log for the day and it’s way better. It’s literally night and day. There’s much more ease when adding foods and creating recipes. There is no limit to how many foods you can log. I definitely recommend Carb Manager.

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4 years ago, sschof86

So far so eh

Downloaded it not long ago and there are positives and negatives Positives 1. Love how it gives you a visual representation of your goals, and how they change as you input information 2. Love the scanning tool 3. You can add water and activities/exercise 4. A subscription for a year is only $12 Negative 1. Trying to enter in my ingredients for breakfast and it stops you at the 5 item limit per day. As someone trying something out, that makes it very annoying and consider other products 2. I scanned one item and I already had to input it. I think instead of ME inputting it, if it’s not available we should be able to take a photo of the nutritional facts and developers or whoever type that in. People trying this out could type in whatever and it could be incorrect, thereby giving the wrong nutritional impression of certain items. Also, I don’t get paid when I do that so ya. 3. You have the ability to add activities such as exercises and walking, which is great, but the choices limited and strange. How can I not ad general walking, but you have walking while riding a horse? That’s a very specific thing to have listed, walking is much more popular than riding a horse. The only walking listed was at to many kcal. How do I know? I don’t have a activity tracker. Again, that’s your job to input not mine

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6 years ago, landynjax1013!

Works for breakfast lunch then you must pay

Was really excited about using this app and starting this diet but the false advertising of it being free is more than disappoint. I was only able to put in half of what my day would be without it prompting me to pay to be a part of whatever program this is. I would love to come across an app that just wants to help improve a humans health For more then 5 hrs a day without wanting 5 bucks to continue (to me it says: and that’s why youll stay fat you cannot afford our app..and it’s only $3. I run a popular dance studio and live a healthy lifestyle but 5 hrs and you imminently want $5a month. I don’t get it. all healthy lifestyles in America and encouragement should be free but everyone wants to make a penny off of something and this is just is what it is 😒. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY JOIN A LOCAL GYM AND HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS THATS WHERE YOU INVEST YOUR MONEY. NOT IN APPS. THEY AREN'T REAL PEOPLE. THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY AND IF YOUR LIKE ME YOU NEED SOMEONE NE CALLING CHECKING INNAND ENCORING YOU ...not an app with another computer like sprint AT&T every tv provider and now ur workout app. Girl BYE

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6 years ago, Rebekah H

One week in

I’ve read a number of really negative reviews about this app, but I really like it so far. Clearly it’s not MyFitnessPal, and it isn’t trying to be. It’s specifically designed for the Keto dieter, and it makes it easy to adjust your daily consumption percentages to fit your specific needs. The app is a bit clunky... I wish you could set things as favorites, as opposed to finding them in your frequent or recent area... I wish you could add a food item or meal and then on subsequent uses of the item choose a portion size, but it doesn’t give you that option... I wish the portion sizes were a bit more comprehensive. But overall I think it’s a really well designed app and I’m grateful to have such a great instrument in my pocket at all times to help me achieve my goals! I look forward to any further updates to make the app even better.

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7 years ago, Danae250

Good but user experience a bit clunky

So far so good. It’s not the most intuitive at First so I clunked my way through trying to add what I had for lunch pushed me past the “more than 5 ingredients requires subscription”rule. I’ll be honest. I thought it was a bit scammy considering for breakfast on Keto I started with coffee, MCT oil and coconut milk. Well there’s 3 items already and no food had been added yet. So get out your wallet on day 1. I went ahead and paid for it and found the app to be similar in some ways to MyFitnessPal. Creating your own meal is nice but when you add it to your daily consumption the meal lists out items individually so it will take so not as user friendly as MFP and the biggest thing is I can’t add exercise. So I have to use this app for food and I still use MFP to log workouts. MFP is not so Keto friendly but if it were to change I’d use that app alone. Too much adding in different places.

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5 years ago, Ljaquier

Perfect Keto tracker!

I’ve tried many apps and all of them have too many bells and whistles and not just the stuff I need to be successful. This is perfect. Breaks down all my macros, I can enter things at the beginning of the day to see how my food will fit, and it doesn’t save until I tell it to. It allows me to fine tune my meal plan before saving. The favorites and barcode scanner have been time savers. I can also move repeating items to new days with ease. Makes entering my food easier. It also syncs with my Fitbit, which I just found out. I don’t need anything else to be successful with Keto. I did go ahead and buy the Pro because it was worth unlocking more options. I’ve been using this since February and I love it. Way better than MFP or CarbManager.

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4 years ago, @#$asd

Superb App

First, My husband and I love this app! We are new to Keto and cannot imagine trying to calculate our daily intake without this tool! We absolutely love it and are happy with it. There are a few things we feel that could be improved upon that would make this app EVEN BETTER! 1. Sugar Alcohols are tracked when you scan and look at the items you consider, however, they are not a metric that follows how much you’ve consumed. Yes they’re counted toward our carbs... but it would be helpful that it aggregates automatically like the other metrics. So pretty please? Add this one to the list? 2. Daily Weight tracker. Yes, it gives us the overall amount of how many lbs we’ve lost. It would be nice to see the daily/weekly progress. 3. Sharing meals from the Family Share or link to a friend? It would be nice if my husband and I can share the meal so we’re both not spending time scanning and entering the same information etc etc. I’m sure we’re not the only ones doing a Keto diet together! So it would be superb if we had the ability to do this! We recommend this app without hesitation! Specially if you’re new to Keto like us!

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4 years ago, thecoles

Deletes data. Use something else.

Good app, but it has been deleting my data daily. Some is restorable, some gone for good. Data export options are PDF or grocery list 😫 Update: customer support sent me a year of free Pro, but they aren’t taking the data loss issue seriously. After a week of basically dismissing my issues because they can’t duplicate it, and not even trying to troubleshoot, they finally asked me to check my available space on the phone. I have 3GB free and they asked me to free up two more. ***So apparently you need 5gb of free space to avoid unexplained data loss. *** Update: cleared up over 5gb of space and it worked for a day. Then again all my data was gone. I restored yet again. Support said to update the app. Found the update and it deleted all my data still. I restored again and the app crashed over and over, wouldn’t open. Rebooted phone and it opens but data isn’t restored. “ Sorry, we are unable to restore your data if restoredb1 doesn't work. Sorry for your inconvenience.” Update: the response on my review says that it has been fixed with an app update. It may be true, but I’ve been told that at least twice before the latest update, and it wasn’t fixed with the previous updates. Also, my data is gone, and if the “small bug” is fixed, it doesn’t bring back lost data. **I lost 5 months of data.**

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5 years ago, country_couture

Love this app

I truly do love this app. It’s does a great job with my macros. I switched apps for a while because of something’s I liked better but I was noticing that I wasn’t loosing weight on the other app and then looked at the macros and I realized my card to fat ratio was so different in my macros. A few things I do wish this app had to make things easier is more things in their barcode inventory and it also needs to be reviewed. I scan swerve granulated erythritol and it comes up monkfruit. Second a way to just plug in macros to foods I make. There are a few recipes I make that the calculation to my macros is way too high on this app. Like I’m Swerve the calorie count is 0 so the net carbs should be 0 but the app calculates carbs. Things like this make my macros way too high for the day. Other than that it’s a good app.

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4 years ago, LovingWren

PRO is WORTH it! Even if you aren’t keto!

I’ve been using the pro version of this app for almost 6 months now and I don’t regret it at all. A lot of apps sucker you into buying “full” versions at ridiculous prices, but what you pay for this app versus what you get is exactly what you want. Keeping track of my macros even when I’m not currently eating keto is still easier on here than any other app I’ve tried and the design is great! I’m 29 and I’ve only ever written maybe 3 reviews for apps before and this is one of them. I am hopeful of an Apple Watch crossover in the future. 🤞🏻🤞🏻This app has helped me get a better relationship with food and that’s worth everything.

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1 month ago, Staylo1102

Search Option Not Good

I had this app last year while on keto. It could pick up barcodes of items just as the product label showed. I could search items easily and the results would come up as requested. After downloading again, the same items that used to return a search, could no longer be found (bun less burgers from a basic chain restaurant, for one). If it is a restaurant item, it is only showing basic menu, no longer showing how we would modify with keto (subbing bread, condiments, etc). Isn’t that the whole purpose of this app? For keto? Why would I be tracking my carbs for food items filled with carbs? Also, items that would register when scanned before now I have to search to find. The information is there, so why would the barcode scan pull it up now? There’s some bugs to work out for the search options to make this a better app.

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1 month ago, WasLookoutforChris

This has become a SCAM

I’ve had this app for years, paid the ~$10 yearly pro fee. Last time I paid was a few months ago, in November. The app will no longer recognize my subscription and it has become so limited it is unusable. If you look at their web page, they list 3 subscription tiers at low costs. If you compare to their actual in-app pricing, all the costs are doubled. If you look on their App Store page, they have a confusing list of TEN tiers all at different prices for the same thing… a Pro subscription. App has taken my money and become unusable. I’m also looking at the privacy policy and they collect completely unnecessary and personal info which they did not collect in the past. They have no phone number or chat function on their web page, so they are not readily accessible. This app is transitioning to a scam. STAY AWAY! I’m requesting a refund now.

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4 years ago, RBon81

This app is great, but uuggghhh!!!!

Ok, I use this app EVERY day and paid for lifetime pro features so I have to be fair and give 3 stars. But what really pisses me off is this is the 2nd or 3rd time since I purchased that an update has rendered the app unusable and a patch to the update needed to be released to fix it. I am currently unable to open the app. And now that I am complaining, might as well say something else... I use custom macro settings and pretty much every app update removes my custom settings and forces me to go back in and reconfigure all my whole custom macro profile. This is inexcusable, please please, test your updates before you push them so that they don't break the app and, and under no circ*mstances should you ever push anything out that removes my logs, settings or profile!!!

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6 years ago, ScrewUber

Why did you change measurement values????

Been using the app for a couple months now. Its been an essential tool wasn’t perfect but gave a basic ballpark idea up until 3 days ago when they decided to change the whole portion values into Grams??? This makes it very difficult to track my intake now! For instance it used have option for a slice of cheese now its in grams of cup of kale is also in grams. My daily meat intake was in ounces now its in grams ! Im really disappointed can you please put it back to how it was when i first PAID FOR MY SUBSCRIPTION!!!! Or im just going to have to delete this app all together !!! Also i yried to contact costumer support and never got a response!!!!!

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6 years ago, Dianful

Good app

So far finding it helpful. The download is free, but what you can do for free is so limited that it’s immediately apparent that you’d better buy it to get full access. I have no argument with app developers making money on their work—only that the entryway and switch to payment be more elegantly managed (how many people read the product description before downloading?). My two cents aside, it’s a very helpful app. When I tried Keto before, I was probably eating too much, as I wasn’t losing weight. Getting a visual on my remaining calorie and portion distributions for the day helps me eyeball it. One thing that would be really great: if the app gave suggestions as to how you could complete your remaining requirements for the day.

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2 years ago, SimplySchatzi

The app has become unreliable with newest update

I’ve been using this app faithfully for the past 1.5 years. I used the rely on this app and loved it. Over the last several weeks, the app has become very unreliable and glitchy. Unable to update recipes without the app force closing. Water intake calculator does not properly calculate. The app “downloads history” constantly, which interrupts entering data. This feature is turned off, yet it still updates several times a day while using the app. I have reached out to support and they have not responded (even asking me to send screen shot). This is very disappointing and now has me looking for a new, useful, app. Please roll back the update until all the glitches can be fixed. Sadly, The app has become very unreliable.

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6 years ago, Stoney6507

Keto Genius

As a newbie to the Keto diet this app has been fantastic. I was able to use the free version enough to realize I liked it enough to upgrade to the paid version. The barcode scanning feature is definitely my favorite as it saves time from searching through a list of results. Those whining about having to pay, they offer 1 month subscriptions. Give it a try and then you’ll see why it’s really not a bad deal. The first 10 “free” apps all had some sort of limitations without a subscription. This was the most user friendly so it became the one I invested in. Besides, is $1 a month really that bad to improve your health?

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5 years ago, how is this name not taken

Love!!! Total worth the couple bucks for subscription!!!

My husband and I have just started Keto! I honestly don’t know what we would do without the app!!! It is so nice that I can program what I want to eat for the day and I know after each click, where that puts me for each category for the day! There are so many great features, like being able to save meals that I have prepared into the “my meals” tab and it does all the math for me! I can save things as favorites as well!! This app is priceless and I definitely recommend it! For those people who have done WW in the past... this app is similar... but even better!!! Highly recommend!!

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5 years ago, Didyf*ckfrhfjkgfh

Great app, needs a customer feedback button

I really like this app. It helps you like pretty much everything you eat, and it even has certain brand names loaded in there for accuracy, which is incredible! I especially love how it lets me create a meal, then does the division for me when I input all the ingredients. However, I’ve noticed a few carbs/calorie counts to be off, particularly in name-brand products (e.g, Russell Stover Sugar-free Mint Patties have 1 net carb/srv, not 17). It would be nice to have a button for submitting corrections on name brand products. That said, it’s not enough of a drawback to lose a star from me. This is a fantastic tracker for new or experienced keto types.

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1 year ago, katEye69

So thankful for this app!

I love your app! Please don’t ever change how it works. I love that you can do a custom fast where you can start and stop the fast when ever I want. This is one of the reasons why I purchased the lifetime payment plan which was very reasonable. Some apps charge you the same price each year and your app is for a one time payment. I also love the top portion where it shows the breakdown of what you have left. I love that you have calculated what I need to do and what I have left based on what I’ve entered for food and exercise. Thanks for a great app!! Kat

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6 years ago, ChaChaPet03


Using this APP to track my Macros the last 5 weeks and I’ve lost 20lbs by diet alone! I’m new to keto and found this app to be very user friendly. There is an option for Net Carb vs Total Carb counting if you want to dial in tighter. I track Net Carbs and have been successful. The scanner is a great tool though not everything’s recognized. A 5 star rating would have been given if more foods were available for look up and it didn’t require a subscription. Having the ability to copy foods from previous entries and even create personal meals has also been useful. I continue to be very pleased with this APP and look forward to further improvements. No plans of switching counters!

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5 years ago, AMR_110

Good app, would be better if...

This is day 4 for me and so far, I’m navigating through the app and finding it to be very helpful. I figured out on day 1 that it’s worth subscribing to a Pro account if I’m going to get the most out of it. My one “but” is the font size and extremely light blue. I don’t know how others do, but I have poor vision and wear glasses most of the day. When I’m using the app at a time when I’m not wearing my glasses, I cannot see the food descriptions and the measurements, nor my meal details (carbs, kcal, etc.) without squinting or running for my spectacles. I would love it if the font was darker and larger. Other than that, the app is satisfying my needs. Thank you.

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4 years ago, Sidmand

Not worth it anymore

I paid for a subscription for this app and kept paying because I preferred this to others. All of a sudden it’s not recognizing that I’ve paid but not only that, it’s now $36 instead of $11 for a year and $80 if I don’t want a subscription??? I don’t like change and I really liked the app but not $80 worth. I’ll be searching for a different app ASAP. Too bad because I’ve been using this for almost three years. I contacted support and was told to “restore purchases.” I had already tried that with zero luck. If it had worked I wouldn’t have needed to contact support. Like I said, I don’t like change but finally checked out Carb Manager which had been recommended to me. After a little bit of breaking in period I find it much more robust and when I scan bar codes, it actually finds the items.

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This app is like having your own Keto nutritionist in the palm of your hand. Losing weight has never been so simple! Not only is this the easiest-to-use app for tracking macros, but it’s also the best-designed app without all of the clunkiness and bugs that come with other apps. Try it for free to get your own custom macro plan and much more! A subscription is needed only if you want to enter 5+ foods per day. No subscription needed if you make a one-time purchase in the app. How it Works / Features ⁃Simply enter your current body type, your goal, and your activity level for a personal macro plan! ⁃Track your food consumption each day meal by meal to see how it fits into your daily macro plan! ⁃Search our massive database filled with all of the foods, beverages, restaurant items and pre-packaged products you can think of for macros and carb counts or simply scan the product's barcode! ⁃We automatically subtract sugar alcohols and dietary fiber for the true net carb count. (With the option to track net or total carbs) ⁃Create your own recipes and save them for later use. (With the option to adjust amount eaten for new macros, in case you get full before finishing a meal or decide to have seconds) ⁃Access a large selection of Keto recipes. ⁃Create grocery lists based on your favorite foods. ⁃View recommended foods to avoid in order to stay on track for your daily goals. ⁃We integrate fully with the Apple health app and FitBit, making exercise a breeze if you want to track burned calories and steps. ⁃Track the amount of water you drink each day to stay hydrated. ⁃Track changes in your weight. ⁃Track your fasting, including popular 16:8 and 18:6 intermittent schemes. ⁃View awesome graphs of your progress, including calorie and carbs intake, water intake etc ⁃Access a Q&A Section that clearly answers frequently asked questions. ⁃Export food logs to PDF files. Product databases for USA, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Purchase a PRO Subscription to get the most out of your keto tracker, while saving money. PRO Subscriptions are available for several time periods: -1 month for USD $2.99 -3 months for USD $5.99 -6 months for USD $9.99 -12 months for USD $11.99 A PRO membership is also available for a one-time payment of USD $29.99, which includes all PRO features and lifetime access. If you choose to subscribe to a PRO membership, the purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out, and you can manage it from the User Settings in iTunes after purchase. You have the ability to cancel the auto-renewing subscription in your iTunes settings. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase any subscription. Terms and Privacy Policy: Contact us: [emailprotected] Download (formerly Keto Diet Tracker) today to achieve your health and fitness goals!

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