Tesla Adds Full Windshield Wiper Controls to the Steering Wheel in Software Update (2024)

By Kevin Armstrong

Tesla Adds Full Windshield Wiper Controls to the Steering Wheel in Software Update (6)

You can finally control the windshield wipers from the steering wheel in the Model 3/Y


Tesla's latest 2023.20 software update brings an addition that fans have been eagerly anticipating - the ability to control windshield wipers from the steering wheel. This latest enhancement adds another layer of convenience.

When Tesla introduced its steering wheel customization feature in the 2023.12 update to the Model 3 and Model Y, many were puzzled at the omission of windshield wiper controls. The initial setup offered many features, including controls for the glovebox, defrost, dome lights, climate temperature, HVAC fan speed, display brightness, dashcam video, acceleration mode, steering wheel heat, and the backup camera. Surprisingly, the ability to control wipers from the steering wheel was not included.

The Finer Details: Exploring the New Wiper Controls

The newly added wiper controls allow drivers to adjust the speed of their windshield wipers directly from the steering wheel, without having to activate the wipers first.

In the 2023.12 update, Tesla added the ability to adjust the wiper speed by tilting the scroll wheel left and right, but this only worked after pressing the left stalk button to activate a single wipe of the windshield.

With this update, Tesla is bringing full wiper control to the steering wheel, letting you adjust the speed of the wipers, turn them off or set them to auto.

As with the other steering wheel controls, customizing the wipers feature can be done by navigating to Controls > Display on the touchscreen interface.

Unveiling the Future: Auto Wiper v4 System

While our focus is primarily on the windshield wiper controls on the steering wheel, it’s worth highlighting another significant improvement that Elon Musk has tweeted about for the upcoming Auto Wiper v4 system. Musk mentioned, "Actually, smart auto wiper software releases in about three weeks." That was about three weeks ago. While Musk's timelines are often optismistic, it looks like we may have an improved wiper system to look forward to.

Breaking Down Auto Wiper v4

Auto wipers v4 is set to overhaul Tesla's current wiper system by integrating video from all of Tesla's onboard cameras into a single 360-degree view, according to Musk. This innovative approach will provide the system with a better understanding of weather conditions, leading to a more accurate and responsive wiper system. Musk acknowledges the need for improvement in this area, referring to it as "one of the last neural nets Tesla is updating from a single camera, single frame NN to surround video."

The 2023.20 software update, features many lesser known improvements, where the new windshield wiper controls are just one of the many improvements that didn't appear in the release notes for the update. Check out the full list of unlisted changes in Tesla's 2023.20 update.


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By Cláudio Afonso

Tesla Adds Full Windshield Wiper Controls to the Steering Wheel in Software Update (12)


Tuesday, April 23, marks one of the most expected events for Elon Musk-led company Tesla. No, it is not yet the unveil of the Robotaxi — which is planned for August 8th — but the first quarter earnings results followed by a 1-hour earnings call answering questions from analysts and shareholders.

As of today, more than 2,300 queries have been submitted by both individual and institutional investors using the Say Technologies Platform. A total of over 8,680 shareholders have engaged in the Q&A sessions, representing approximately 7.13 million shares.

Top Investor Questions

Key areas of interest among shareholders on the Say Platform include updates on Tesla's next-generation platform, advancements in Robotaxi development, progress on Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology, and the scaling up of production for the 4680 cells.

The most prominent queries, based on votes, center around the 4680 cells initiative, followed by inquiries regarding the Optimus project and updates on Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming Robotaxi reveal scheduled for August. Here’s the list of the most up-voted questions.

  1. What is the status of 4680? What is the current output?

  2. What is the current status of Optimus? Are they currently performing any factory tasks? When do you expect to start mass production?

  3. What is Tesla's current assessment of the pathway toward regulatory approval for unsupervised FSD in the US, and how should we think about the appropriate safety threshold compared to human drivers?

  4. Following Tesla's Robotaxi unveil on 8/8, what is the realistic timeline for launching a revenue generating robotaxi network?

  5. What is the progress on the cheaper next generation vehicle?

  6. Can we make FSD transfer permanent? (until FSD is fully delivered / Level 5 autonomy)

  7. Have any of the legacy automakers contacted Tesla about possibly licensing FSD in the future?

  8. What is gating the production ramp at Lathrop? Where do you see the Megapack run rate by the end of the year?

Source: Say Platform as of April 20, 9AM ET

4680 Cells

The top-voted question, currently tallying 1,500 votes and representing 3.3 million shares, seeks insights into the development status and specifics of Tesla's 4680 battery cells.

In late January 24, Tesla said it was "running one production line and one assembly line" with "four more to be installed in the third quarter" adding that it expected "to ramp order from our suppliers".

At the time, the world's largest EV manufacturer said the 4680 production was "ahead of the ramp, with weeks of finished cells in inventory". Six weeks later, in mid-March, Tesla said it produced over 1,000 Cybertrucks’ worth of 4680 cells at its Giga Texas. Given that each Cybertruck uses 1,366 4680 cells, Tesla produced in that week 1.366 million 4680 cells.


The second most popular query, trailing closely behind the first by a margin of 3.2 million versus 3.3 million shares represented, pertains to an update from Tesla's CEO regarding the status of Tesla's robot, Optimus.

Elon Musk garnered attention last January when he shared a video showcasing Optimus within a Tesla factory, demonstrating the robot folding a shirt. The video swiftly gained traction, prompting inquiries, including one from Marques Brownlee, one of the most popular YouTubers, who queried Musk: "Is this video authentic or computer-generated?”. The question was not answered by Elon.

Approximately 30 minutes later, Musk clarified that Optimus is currently unable to autonomously fold a shirt, hinting at future developments. He asserted that it will be capable of doing so "certainly," further noting that it won't be limited to a fixed environment, such as a table with a single shirt.

Optimus folds a shirt pic.twitter.com/3F5o3jVLq1

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 15, 2024

One month later, Elon posted a new video of Optimus walking faster and in a closer human-like way when compared to the previous walkdown video posted on the last day of January.

After these developments, Tesla shareholders and enthusiasts have been questioning Musk for a precise timeline of when these robots can support the manufacturer and turn it faster and more efficient.

Robotaxi + $25k Model

According to three sources and company messages seen byReuters in early April, Tesla was abandoning its plan to launch the $25,000 model. Yet,Tesla‘s CEO Elon Musk quickly dismissed the report without specifying any further details.

Later in the day, Elon Musk announced that Tesla is set to unveil its highly anticipated robotaxi on August 8th which is expected to be constructed upon Tesla's next-generation vehicle platform.

Two weeks ago, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen commented on the rumors saying "I would just say stay tuned. Don’t always believe what you read".

Franz @woodhaus2 on the new rumored $25,000 future Tesla pic.twitter.com/eAK7u3wxUI

— Zack (@BLKMDL3) April 7, 2024

In recent weeks, scrutiny has intensified among shareholders and enthusiasts regarding the accuracy of reports surrounding Tesla's $25,000 model, and whether it has been canceled or deprioritized as the company shifts its focus towards autonomous driving technology.

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, in a note released on Friday, remarked that the debate between the Model 2 and Robotaxi has gained significant attention, with investors eagerly anticipating an announcement from Tesla CEO Elon Musk regarding the Model 2 within the next 12 to 18 months.

Deutsche Bank analyst Emanuel Rosner echoed similar sentiments earlier in the week, expressing a belief in the "high likelihood" of a delay in the Model 2 release, citing Tesla's strategic pivot towards Robotaxi technology. Rosner emphasized that the firm's Buy rating hinged on the arrival of Tesla's next-generation vehicle, originally anticipated for late next year.

On Friday, Tesla's stock plunged to a new 15-month low of $145.05 per share during pre-market trading, resulting in a market capitalization dip below $480 billion.

Earlier this week, Tesla expanded its 0 percent interest financing program to the German market, mirroring a similar initiative launched in China earlier this month. This financing option is now available for the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor or Performance variants in Germany, with the Performance model starting at €59,990 and the Long Range dual motor variant priced at €54,990.

In a significant internal announcement on Monday, Tesla disclosed a workforce reduction exceeding 10%, affecting over 14,000 employees globally.

Despite Tesla's recent announcement of the production of 433,371 vehicles, with 386,783 delivered, the figures fell short of Wall Street's expectations of 431,000 units delivered.

Written by Cláudio Afonso | info@claudio-afonso.com | LinkedIn | X

By Kevin Armstrong

Tesla Adds Full Windshield Wiper Controls to the Steering Wheel in Software Update (21)

Courtesy of @BooDev/X.com

The latest Tesla Model 3, the fastest yet, is poised to make a significant impact on Tesla's lineup. Speculation suggests the updated Performance Model 3, potentially named "Ludicrous," could be unveiled soon—possibly on April 20. This would, of course, be on 420, aligning with Elon Musk's fondness for the date, which falls 69 days before his birthday—nice.

Revamped Performance and Engineering

"Welcome to the Most Powerful Model 3 Ever," announces the Great Britain Model 3 configurator source code teaser, setting the stage for an electric sedan that surpasses its predecessors in every metric. The heart of the new Model 3 Performance lies in its all-new high-performance drive units, rumored to deliver a combined output of over 500 horsepower. This power upgrade is not just about higher numbers but also about how it translates to the asphalt.

TONS of new Model 3 Performance details were revealed in the Great Britain Model 3 configurator source code. “Welcome to the Most Powerful Model 3 Ever”

All-New Adaptive Suspension
Adaptive damping powered by in-house software gives you enhanced body control, without sacrificing… pic.twitter.com/cem4TDV80w

— Nic Cruz Patane (@niccruzpatane) April 17, 2024

Tesla has reengineered the vehicle with an all-new adaptive suspension system. This system, powered by bespoke in-house software, ensures enhanced body control, maintaining comfort without sacrificing performance. The result is a vehicle that can handle daily commuting as smoothly as it navigates tight corners on a race track.

Advanced Design and Aerodynamics

The Model 3 Performance features redesigned front and rear fascias and a rear diffuser that enhances visual appeal and improves high-speed stability. A carbon fiber spoiler adds to the aerodynamic efficiency while asserting the car’s sporty aesthetics.

One of the standout features of the new model is the Forged Performance wheels. These lightweight, staggered wheels are not just about style; they enhance the vehicle’s turn-in response, improve predictability, and increase traction out of corners, all while optimizing aerodynamics.

Where Comfort Meets Performance

Inside, the Tesla Model 3 Performance introduces a completely revamped interior. The all-new seat design includes enhanced side and cushion bolsters to hold occupants securely in place, which is crucial during high-speed maneuvers. Ventilation is built into the seats to keep the driver and passengers cool and comfortable, reflecting a thoughtful balance between performance and luxury. The cabin's aesthetic is elevated with lightweight carbon fiber décor and a refined weave pattern unique to the Model 3 Performance.

Performance Interior (New Model 3 Performance)

All-new seat design with enhanced side and cushion bolsters hold you in place, while ventilation keeps you cool. The lightweight carbon fibre décor and refined weave pattern is unique to Model 3 Performance. pic.twitter.com/1R0UhERmHB

— Nic Cruz Patane (@niccruzpatane) April 18, 2024

A significant highlight is the Track Mode V3, an innovative feature that allows drivers to tailor the handling balance, stability controls, and regenerative braking to their preferences. This mode integrates a performance-optimized powertrain with adaptive suspension controls, creating a driving experience that is not only responsive but also enjoyable.

The unveiling of the Model 3 Performance is imminent, as indicated by its addition to the configurator source code. There is speculation about a media embargo lifting on the 23rd, possibly coinciding with Tesla’s earnings day, which could provide further details or even see the official launch. My money is on 4/20, which will give a weekend for all influencers who got an early look to ramp up the views and bring that stock (down 40% year to date) some time to rebound before the earnings call.

Tesla Adds Full Windshield Wiper Controls to the Steering Wheel in Software Update (2024)
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