The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (2024)

Fmovies once was an extremely popular movie streaming website but it has been blocked on major search engines and on many regions. Until now, a chain of sites with the Fmovies extension come back. Since most Fmovies sites remain the main characteristics of the original one with a similar look and include various movie types, movie enthusiasts still like to stream movies online on Fmovie sites, nevertheless. Even so, the same as many other movie streaming sites, it’s quite usual to see a Fmovies site is temporarily or permanently shut down. So it’s advisable to collect some movie sites like Fmovies in your movie resource library in case of need. We have handpicked 8 great Fmovies alternatives basing on reliability, content, practicability, comments from a large number of movie fans and our first-hand experience. Scroll down.

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All websites mentioned below are for information and discussion purposes only. WonderFox does not advocate illegal content streaming actions.

Part 1: The 8 Top Sites Like Fmovies

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (1)Vumoo


Vumoo features a clean & compact interface and large quantities of movies and TV series ranging from the genres of romance, comedy, adventure, action, animation to fiction, crime and so forth, and it covers movies in different periods including the latest ones and classic movies from the last century. Unlike other sites similar to Fmovies, Vumoo only divides contents into two classifications – Movies and TV series so one can only use its quick search tool to find a needed movie. The high spot of Vumoo is it only delivers a few ads on pages, which don’t pop up abruptly and are less misleading, giving a relatively clean user experience. You can choose video qualities from 270P to 720P yet a good network is a recommendation for smooth playback.

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (2)123Movies


123Movies is a big name among free movie streaming sites. If you search for websites like Fmovies, you can find 123Movies is one of the most cited options. Be that as it may, as 123Movies continually changes its domain, there are various 123Movies sites on the Internet. We have tested dozens of 123Movies sites and is the most reputable, clean and full-featured one. It has a huge catalog of movies and TV series in various genres, released from earlier 1970 to this year, and around the world. Besides watching full HD and 4K movies, this site also enables users to download videos in HD. 123Movies has few pop-ups and load extremely fast on both PC and mobile devices. Give it a spin!

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (3)Putlocker


Putlocker is another well-known Fmovies alternative. Its interface is a little similar to 123Movies, featuring easy navigation to help you locate desired content. For example, you can use filters provided by Putlocker to browse videos sorted by Genre, Country, Movies, TV-Series, Top IMDb, and News and find your favorite movies from its compelling collection. Putlocker allows fast movie streaming without signing up while delivering video quality in HD and even Full HD. The only nagging thing you have to put up with is the advertisem*nts on every page.

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (4)WatchFree


On WatchFree, you can free view thousands of hot and latest movies and TV series. The site makes it easy for users to enter movie name into the search bar to look for a certain movie or browse movies under classifications of Featured, Top viewed today, Most Favorite, Top Rating, and Top IMDb. Most movies on this Fmovies alternative site are in HD quality and streamed rapidly without any repeated buffering or freezing (A good network is certainly the premise). However, you may be irritated by ads on the sites, which will pop up when you direct to every new page or click on an option. You need to manually close them and be careful to avoid any misleading pages.

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (5)HD Movies

5.HD Movies (Down)

Here comes an absolutely clean alternative to Fmovies – HD Movies. As the name implies, HD Movies is dedicated to offering audiences with good quality movies. The site has a simple and intuitive interface. Everything is before your eyes. Although HD Movies doesn’t have a massive collection of movies as other sites like Fmovies do, all the contents are pleasing. Meanwhile, on HD Movies, you will not confront annoying pop-up advertisem*nts or misleading buttons. With a few easy clicks, you’re able to watch HD movies and download them in 720P and 1080P. HD Movies is an amazing place to enjoy movies at your leisure.

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (6)SolarMovie


SolarMovie is an excellent option for watching online movies free. It collects a considerable amount of great movies around the world to meet all tastes of movie fanciers. No matter you’re looking for action movies, adventure movies, horror movies, history movies, musical movies and so forth, in most instances, SolarMovie can be the last stop, which not only offers a platform to stream movies free, but also has full TV series that you can’t ignore if you are fond of watching television series. Click the play icon on a movie page and it will quickly stream the movie content. Plenty of HD and Full HD videos are available here. During browsing on SolarMovie and watching movies, you will be rarely interrupted by ads.

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (7)Yify TV

7.Yify TV

Yify TV focuses on free movie streaming as one of the best Fmovies alternatives, which allows users to view a large selection of free popular films. Films on this site are thoroughly categorized based on their popularity, genres, years, and countries. Especially, the countries classification sorts movies based on their languages, and more than 25+ languages are available. Therefore, if you want to watch foreign movies in a specific language, you can make use of this filter. Each movie on Yify TV has more than one mirror for streaming and some of the movie sources also come with torrent download options. However, I have to mention that this site has relatively many advertisings, yes, the common defect of websites like Fmovies.

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (8)Yes! Movies

8.Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies offers a way to watch movies from third-party content providers, instead of hosting files on its server and typically, most movie streaming sites run in this way. There is a wide selection of high quality movies involved in virtually all genres and from many parts of the world. TV series are also a part of Yes! Movies collection. Multiple servers are accessible for streaming a movie and most of them perform fast. Yes! Movies has pop-up ads yet when compared with some sites, on which ads pop up frequently, almost after every single click, Yes! Movies is still fairly clean.

Part 2: 15 Workable Fmovies Mirrors

Many holdouts of Fmovies still want to use the site to stream movies online. Given this, we have also rounded up valid Fmovies links for reference:

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time (2024)
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