Visiting the Bishop Museum and Hanging Around the Hotel! | HAWAII TRIP (2023)


In this family vlog, we all visit the Bishop Museum and explore all the cool things there before going back to enjoy the pool for the last time!





👶 ABOUT HUNTER: Hunter is a 2-year-old happy toddler boy and Carson is a three-month-old healthy baby boy! They are both a quarter Mexican, quarter white, and half Korean. Sometimes half-Asian babies are called hapa babies!

📍 LOCATION: Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI

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All right guys.

So right now we're going to visit the bishop museum, the bernice bishop museum hunter, where are we are? We in a thank boat? Wow, yeah.

The last full day in hawaii today, we're going to go to this polynesian cultural center, but it's just too far.


It was closer to the airbnb we say that.

But since we left that place it's just too far now it'll be like an hour, drive there's too much too much.

Let me get your restaurant.

What you got in your hand, what are you eating? What are you eating? You got your corolla, that's, awesome elevator.

So for a lot of the morning hunter and caroline they play at this lagoon that's, a part of the hotel kind of by the beach, um.

And he must have just played a lot because he is knocked out and it's only about 15 after 10 in the morning and he's, usually not knocked out at that time.

Usually he sleeps after in the afternoon, but what they want to say is this there's this hotel right next to the hilton called the halcoa hotel, um that's, actually only for like military and like it's that the beach park is called fort deresi, right? It's like a military institution and the hotel right on the beach there, kelkoa hotel, it's, only for military, uh, um people, the armed surface services, or who I think may be formerly served I'm, not sure how that works.

I think they can give permission to like friends and family to stay as well.

It looks like a pretty sweet hotel.

Um, you know, they have their private beach over there with the blue umbrellas and um, they also have a really cool pool that uh, caroline saw, um from the outside.

The pool has like, um like a pirate ship on it.

It looks really cool.

But uh, you gotta be military to stay there and uh, neither caroline nor I have ever served in the armed forces.

So uh, not eligible.

But it was a great great hotel there, um.

But for now I think I was gonna walk hunter back to the room and uh, uh, let him nap in the room where it's nice and cool.

So if you're an instagram model, a very popular location here, obviously your instagram influencer shots.

All right.

So, uh, hunter is knocked out in a stroller in the room carson's up caroline's just hanging out with him.

Um, we just ordered takeout from this place called palace, simon it's about 20 minute drive from the hotel.

Um, simon is a hawaiian noodle dish.

Uh, I don't know a whole lot about it.

You can like look it up, but for understand it's like an egg noodle dish, uh, probably, you know, initially conceived by japanese immigrants to hawaii, um.

And this place is recommended to us.

So we're gonna get some simon noodles there it's like a noodle soup kind of thing.

Caroline ordered, I think some other stuff as well.

So I'm gonna head over there, pick it up for the family and then we're gonna take it back to the room and we're gonna eat it all right? So I should be coming up on it.

Shortly here, obviously, uh, not the most touristy part of honolulu we're, obviously out of the waikiki let's, see a sign for it there.

Oh here it is right here.

Palace, simon we're kind of hiding out in this back room because carson's sleeping in the other room.

So we got so many beast coolers.

What is this simon with? Uh, wonton, noodles, those are the little simon, noodles, right, yeah, simon with wontons.

This is like it was all right.

I feel like I've had better noodles in la.

I wasn't really impressed by it.

Maybe just compared to the awesome food.

We've had like throughout the strip.

And my standards are just like super high now, but uh, hundreds, enjoying the little beef things.

This is hunter's first exposure to spongebob squarepants all right guys.

So right now we're going to visit the bishop museum, the bernice bishop museum.

Sorry, my butchered that name it's like a fairly popular place.

You do have to reserve a time slot online tickets it's, not really time.

We have to tell them on monday.

We're gonna be here at two.

And then we can say, however, long we want until it closes, it looks fairly kid-friendly.

Instead of doing the palace I decided that this is probably a better bet because people were saying the palace, the iolani palace, isn't, the most kid-friendly place like they're, very particular about okay, kids, you gotta like not touch anything right? But this place is the museum is obviously meant to be like explored.

So it seems like a better bet.

So by look at this thing is this a telescope here, it kind of looks like they have a telescope or planetarium I'm, not sure it looks inviting looks inviting enough.

Yeah, mommy's, right there.

Okay, here we go.

All right.

This is cool it's a big field here.

Hunter, look at that it's fun.

This is a neat old house.


I did too much research about what exactly this is beforehand.

But so he said, it's, a big circle.

So I guess you can start here check inside there and look at all the stuff that's kind of around this loop.

Here, 1889 bernice, p, bishop museum.

I assume this was built probably, uh, I don't know before the ada, I don't see a ramp or anything so I'm gonna have to what did this building used to be.

Yeah, always ever since it started ever since it's filtered.

Oh, wow.

That's really interesting.

All right.

So we have some pictures of uh people from a long time ago, all right so looks like this is all about.

Uh, obviously, hawaii has kind of an interesting.

Oh, you want to see over here.

Look at all this cool stuff.

This cool artwork.


So I suppose these are probably just like actuals, I would guess that's how big it really is right really want to make it unless it's like actual.


Imagine like swimming alongside something like that for these guys hunter.

So these are these like polynesian gods or something.

This is like a hut traditional hawaiian sleeping house.

This is what people would so our camera can't really see it.

But imagine, uh sleeping in something like this guys kind of makes our airbnb look, pretty good so much like polynesian kind of displays and exhibits it's like the various kinds of boats that, um polynesian, uh, seafarers would have used to come to hawaii and settle there volcano.

Yeah, hawaii has a lot of volcanoes.

Actually hunter.

Would you imagine living in a house like this? Look maybe there's a little presentation, uh, a little stage here.

Let me go to the second floor.

Another boat it's, a pretty cool boat.

Actually it looks so different than like.

The shoot the ship.


Look at this that typical european voyage boats.

You see was, yeah.

This car is funny, huh? You can't touch it that that rope means don't go over.

There culture got a little too crazy inside.

I just want to run around, but obviously it's a kind of a tight space in there.

So I said, run around, you got to go outside.

So here we are outside.

So I read online.

This place has like the third largest collection of insects in the world.

This building is all polynesian stuff.

So I wonder where the insect stuff is because that would probably interest report.

Thank you is it blue like the king is it blue like the king? Yeah, we like the king, huh? We could just look at it.

Okay, you can touch it.

We got we can't go on it though it's, not ours.

You can touch this thing.

Sure there are hundreds of polynesian artifacts in the museum.

And of course, hunter finds this cart.

The most interesting thing here you want to walk on this track here, yeah, cars.

The hunter's really just enjoying getting his cars, rolling his cars through the dirt hunter.

What are you doing all right we're going to the science adventure center? Watch out no water.

Yeah, oh.

Do not touch.

The hunter no do not touch it.



Keep looking the water wall.

Look down here, there's all different kinds of sand.

Oh, this is interesting.

So my black sand is, yeah, content, all different kinds of sand in hawaii, adventure, icy space.


Do you see space center just walk slowly.



We glow in the dark.

Look our shirts flow in the dark.


Caroline's looking at a volcano here, wow, look at it melting and spilling it's pouring just pour it over hawaii.

No one has ever seen I'm so like boat like bigger, aloha, good morning.

Everyone documentary doesn't have a name.


Are we going under the water? Go surfing.

Go surfing.

Yeah, you got it.

You gotta steer it.

You gotta surf.

Yeah, let mommy do it? Oh you're trying to hit their names? Huh? Oh 100 mommy's doing it.


Her mommy's doing it mommy's doing it after mommy said, you can do it it's like a volcano exhibit type thing we're inside a volcano.

I think it's a slide.


Fine let's.

Go down the slide.

They say, go down this slide.

You can do it.

Look at the other side.

Yeah, just look at billy b's.

We're gonna go up now.

Okay, we're going to the upper level where mommy is we're gonna go up make a volcano go.

And then look, you see it's starting to making the volcano.

Go did mommy make interruption earlier.

It just happened.

What is it? Huh? They're kind of like stickers, but they're for magnets, science discovery centers.

It's got stuff for kids, where should we put the red bird? Why are your cheeks? Um, what are these binoculars? Yeah, bye.




It's erupting.

Yeah, that's.


Huh hundred.

This is called a volcano.

Did you see the volcano now we're gonna check out this castle memorial building I'm, not quite sure what this is you're going to find out shortly though, oh, wow.

This is right up hunters alley.

This is so interesting is it? Cool? Yeah.

I think it's.


Roger, what is this little thing? Look at this motorcycle? Okay, is this like supposed to be like an 80s world or something or like a like a like street culture.

I think with all the old like video games you see this is how we used to play games back in the day, the old category.

Yeah, you put coins in here like this very glamorous.

Look at all the colors.

I don't I'm just curious what the significance of all is this.

Uh, oh so it's about graffiti.

I guess it's like it's it's about.

I guess the exhibits devoted to graffiti.

Good job.



Those are all the interesting things on here do not touch anything.

Look at pooh bear who's that who's that oh oh, is he angry? Why is she sad? Is he sad? Oh he's.

A sad poo bear.

Oh and the pooper's coming home.

Interesting all right aaron.

We just enjoyed the bishop museum, we're back at the hotel.

Everything goes for.

You are not you're, not old enough to swim you like this little baby pool.

This little top it's called topper pool.

It's got this really shallow area here, great for toddlers and little kids.

Oh, you guys go to the waterfall do you want to go to the waterfall again? Do you want to watch the carson waterfall again? This is probably going to be our last swim of our trip.

No you like to watch the jump of the pool did the car drop in the pool.

Wow, the floaties here, where did it go? Oh it's, right here.

Can you show me what did mommy buy you? What is that strawberry ice cream? Um, it's, delicious.

I actually have some too well.

Android strawberry.

This is actually ours caroline's mine that punch right? The most stuff it's like a macadamia nut, what uh half of it was macadamia nut, but I'm butchering the name, but it's like a kawaii yummy.

I like chocolate were you happy when you won the ice cream store? Mommy said, you were so happy you gave her a kiss.

This is our last night.

Did you have fun? Yeah, tomorrow be careful what's up, mommy, mommy's doing it.

What is this a pile? Yeah, it's got some feet.

The fire hydrant has some feet the workers.

So you.


How much time do you need for Bishop Museum? ›

You will want to devote at least 2-3 hours at the Bishop Museum in order to absorb and appreciate all it has to offer. It has gone through a $20 Million dollar renovation and is a Honolulu attraction that should be a must on your list of things to do in Oahu, even if you're not a history buff.

Can you take photos in the Bishop Museum? ›

Yes, you are able to take pictures in the museum.

Do you have to pay for parking at Bishop Museum? ›

Most frequent questions and answers. Daytime parking for non-members is $5.00. Evenings after 5 p.m. is $3.00. Bishop Museum Members with valid parking sticker are free.

How much does it cost to get into the Bishop Museum? ›

Is there a dress code for Bishop Museum? ›

The dress code at Bishop Museum is Casual Dress.

How long does it take to tour the Bishop Museum Hawaii? ›

Plan to spend at least 2–3 hours exploring the museum's collections.

Can you bring food into Bishop Museum? ›

All guests—especially those with dietary sensitivities or food allergies—are welcome to bring outside food to the Bishop Museum as long as food is not taken out or consumed in the exhibit spaces.

Why can't you take photos in a museum? ›

First, camera flashes, which emit intense light, are believed to hurt paintings and the patina of delicate objects. Eliminating flashes, even inadvertent ones, keeps paintings in pristine shape and reduces expensive restoration costs.

Can you bring a camera to a museum? ›

Large cameras, tripods, selfie sticks, flash photography, and long-form videos are not allowed. Professional photography (including wedding and engagement photography) is not allowed inside Museum galleries. Photography is allowed in most special exhibition galleries, unless otherwise stated on-site.

How much does it cost to leave your car at Bishop Airport? ›

Bishop International Airport Parking Rates

Fees: each 30 mins $2, up to daily max $22; weekly $154 (based on 6 days). The Long-term parking lot is next to the short-term lot. The Economy lot is across from Bristol Road, with free shuttle service every 5 minutes.

How much is it to park in the Prince Bishops car park Durham? ›

0-2 HOURS£2.10
2-4 HOURS£3.30
4-6 HOURS£6.20
OVER 6 HOURS£11.50

What is the Bishop Museum known for? ›

Today, Bishop Museum is the largest museum in the state and the premier natural and cultural history institution in the Pacific, recognized throughout the world for its cultural collections, research projects, consulting services and public educational programs.

Where to park for Bishop Museum Bradenton? ›

There are also several parking locations available in downtown Bradenton convenient to the Museum, including the parking garage at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 10th Street West, and the Manatee County parking garage at the corner of Manatee Avenue and 10th Street West.

What past exhibits are at the Bishop Museum? ›

  • Taxonomy. Our Lives Depend On It. July 23 – February 19, 2023. The Healer Stones. ...
  • Expedition Dinosaur. Rise of the Mammals. October 2, 2021 – January 23, 2022. Pow Wow. ...
  • Kaula Piko. The Source Of Strings. July 18, 2020 — January 31, 2021. ...
  • Spineless Wonders. Rising From The Deep. September 21, 2019 — June 28, 2020.

Is Bishop Museum good for kids? ›

What is this? Bishop Museum is one of the best things to do with kids in Oahu who are a bit older and are interested in Hawaiian culture, geography, or science. It's one of the top museums in Hawaii for worldschooling and homeschooling families.

Can I wear jeans to an art museum? ›

Jeans and a blazer are the ultimate outfit when you don't know what to wear. It even looks classy going to the art museum. To inject personality into the look, carry a bright colored bag or wear a graphic tee underneath the blazer.

What clothes do you wear to a museum? ›

A plain white t-shirt is a classic choice for an art museum date. It's simple, chic, and fun to accessorize. Plus, it matches anything. You can pair a classic tee with your favorite pair of jeans, a flirty mini-skirt, or wide-leg pants.

What outfit to wear to the museum? ›

Consider layers and comfortable footwear, but stick to elevated classics. You might be tempted to hit the cultural institution in your most casual outfits, but it's worth paying a little respect to the greats you've gone to visit, dressing in a way that might pay proper homage to the artwork you see on the walls.

How much does it cost to get into Iolani Palace? ›

How long is the Pearl Harbor tour Oahu? ›

The boat tours start at 8:00am and go through 3:30 pm daily. Tours last approximately 45 minutes from the time you board your boat.

How long are docent tours at Iolani Palace? ›

Both options include a tour of the first and second floors of Iolani Palace followed by a self-guided exploration of the basement gallery exhibits. It is suggested you allow approximately 60-90 minutes for either tour. Tour options vary based on the day of the week and the time.

Can people eat or drink in the museum? ›

However, in general, most museums do not allow outside food or drink, with the exception of water bottles. This is to protect the museum's collections from spills and to keep the environment clean and respectful for all visitors.

Can I bring food into the Field Museum? ›

You can also bring a lunch or snack in a closed container. Please enjoy it in the designated picnic areas on the ground level: in the Siragusa Center and at the tables near the Sea Mammal dioramas.

Is Bishop Museum membership tax deductible? ›

Membership Policies

Bishop Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Membership dues are considered a charitable donation and are fully or partially tax-deductible. Therefore, Bishop Museum memberships and benefits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can you touch things in a museum? ›

Touching it introduces dirt and oils from your skin onto its surface – the same way you'd leave fingerprints at a crime scene. Additionally, the oils can then attract dirt to linger, and acidic oils can also degrade metallic surfaces. Yes, museum professionals handle objects for research purposes.

What can you not do in a museum? ›

Please do not:
  • Touch the artwork.
  • Bring food or drink into the museum.
  • Chew gum.
  • Use flash when taking any photos.
  • Bring large bags or backpacks into the gallery.
  • Run through the halls screaming or play your bagpipes in the galleries. (Soft tenor sax is fine.)

What should you do if you want to take a picture in a museum? ›

7 Tips for Beautiful Museum Photography
  1. Check the rules. ...
  2. Consider what you want to convey. ...
  3. Don't forget about the building! ...
  4. Take steps to eliminate reflections. ...
  5. Adjust your settings or stabilize your camera. ...
  6. Try to get creative. ...
  7. Avoid crowds with research and patience.

Can you wear a backpack in a museum? ›

Yes. Backpacks must be carried over one shoulder for the protection of the works of art—nothing may be carried on your back.

How do you carry a camera and not look like a tourist? ›


But walking around with a big camera hanging around your neck is just asking for trouble, no matter where you are. Instead, take a messenger bag or backpack and keep your camera in there when you're not using it.

Why can't you use flash in museums? ›

Museums generally cite concerns that camera flashes can damage the pigments in paintings. Some pigments are indeed sensitive to light, which speeds up chemical reactions that break them down. As a result, the lighting in museums and galleries is carefully controlled to minimise damage.

What airline flies out of Bishop? ›


United Express began service to BIH in December 2021 when they moved commercial flights from Mammoth Lakes/Yosemite Airport (MMH) to the Bishop Aiport (BIH) located just 2 miles east of downtown Bishop, CA.

What cities fly direct to Bishop CA? ›

Bishop Airport is the gateway to the Eastern Sierra, located just 2 miles east of Bishop, CA. Convenient daily nonstop flight options available seasonally through San Francisco and Denver in the winter and though San Francisco in the summer giving you access to world class climbing, skiing, hiking and fishing!

How much is parking at Bishop Airport for a week? ›

Parking Information
Parking Options RatesStatusWeekly Max
Terminal ParkingOpen$100/week
Shuttle ParkingOpen$56/week

Is it still free parking after 2pm in Durham? ›

On-street parking

The only pay and display parking spaces in Durham City are in the controlled parking zones. From 6pm until 8am, and all day Sunday, there is no charge to park in these bays.

What time is free parking in Durham? ›

On-street pay and display bays are found in the Durham City Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). The pay and display bays operate between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday only. Parking outside of these times is free.

Where is the best place to park for Durham Cathedral? ›

Parking at Durham Cathedral
  • Prince Bishops multi storey car park.
  • The Riverwalk multi storey car park.
  • Walkergate multi storey car park.
  • Crook Hall and Gardens car park.
  • Durham City Park and Ride car park.
  • LNER Durham Railway Station car park.

Why should I visit the Bishop Museum? ›

It's A Great Introduction To Hawaiian Culture

If you've ever wondered about the culture and customs of Hawaii's first people, the Bishop is the place to go. There are a variety of artifacts and displays in the main galleries, expertly arranged so that visitors can get a holistic glimpse of early island life.

What are some interesting facts about the Bishop Museum? ›

The museum was founded in 1889 by Charles R. Bishop, the American husband of Hawaiian Princess Bernice Pauahi (died 1884), the last direct descendant of Kamehameha I. In 1961 a planetarium and an observatory were added to emphasize the role of astronomy in the cultural history of Pacific Island peoples.

What can you do in the Bishop Museum in Hawaii? ›

One of Oʻahu's most historic places, the museum holds millions of artifacts, documents and photos about Hawaiʻi and other Polynesian cultures. Visit the newly renovated Hawaiian Hall, which immerses you in Native Hawaiian culture and history by showcasing a variety of important artifacts.

How much is Bishop Museum tickets? ›

Can you take pictures in Bishop Museum? ›

Yes, you are able to take pictures in the museum.

Are the Night at the Museum exhibits real? ›

Visit the American Museum of Natural History to see the real exhibits behind your favorite characters in the "Night at the Museum" movies. For more, take the "Night at the Museum" self-guided tour on your next visit.

Is outside food allowed at Bishop Museum? ›

All guests—especially those with dietary sensitivities or food allergies—are welcome to bring outside food to the Bishop Museum as long as food is not taken out or consumed in the exhibit spaces.

Does Bishop Museum have a dinosaur exhibit? ›

Bishop Museum's exhibit Expedition Dinosaurs: Rise of the Mammals. Kualoa Ranch Jurassic Park Movie Tour.

What is the #1 children's Museum in the United States? ›

No. 1: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis - Indianapolis, Indiana. A favorite Indy attraction, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is the largest museum of its kind in the world, encompassing 29 acres of fun-filled exhibits.

How long do I need at the Spy Museum DC? ›

Most visitors spend 2 -3 hours touring the permanent exhibition at the Spy Museum; 1 – 2 hours on the fifth floor and 1 hour on the fourth. NOTE: If you choose to take a break for lunch or can't finish the entire permanent exhibit, your ticket is good for all day.

How long do you spend at Heard museum? ›

So 1 - 3 hours depending on your interest and physical tolerance. Helpful?

How long does it take to do the City Museum St Louis? ›

When planning a trip to visit the City Museum St Louis, be sure to you set aside anywhere from 4-6 hours for your visit. If you want to explore and see as much of the museum as possible, you will need several hours to walk, climb, and crawl through the museum and its miles of tunnels, slides, and caves.

How long does it take to walk through the museum of Modern Art? ›

MoMA is a temple to provocative modern art and its 1970s – Present collection deserves two to three hours of attention. Don't forget to check MoMA's opening hours and book your entrance in advance!

What is the best time to go to the Spy Museum? ›

Insider Tip: The museum is less busy before 11 am and after 4 pm. It stays open late during the peak summer months.

Can you bring water in the spy museum? ›

No food, drinks, or chewing gum in the permanent exhibition. To stay hydrated on your mission, bottled water is welcome.

Is the Spy Museum fun for adults? ›

The Spy Museum is the perfect place for adults to dive into the shadowy world of espionage.

Do you get anything for finishing the museum? ›

The ultimate goal of the Museum is to complete the five types of donations: Bugs, Fish, Sea Creatures, Fossils and Art. As of Update 2.0, you'll get a reward for doing this: a Poster which you can hang on the wall!

How long does the average person spend in a museum? ›

Most people want to enjoy a museum, not conquer it. Yet the average visitor spends 15 to 30 seconds in front of a work of art, according to museum researchers. And the breathless pace of life in our Instagram age conspires to make that feel normal. But what's a traveler with a long bucket list to do?

What do you wear to the Heard Museum? ›

Tips to Help Plan Your Visit
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes suitable for a variety of terrains so that you can comfortably enjoy your trip.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes. Dress comfortably for the weather and to protect yourself from the natural elements.
  • Enjoy Time in Nature.

What should I wear to City Museum? ›

Wear closed-toed shoes. Flip-flops or sandals will not give you the best climbing experience. Dress in light clothing.

What age is best for St. Louis City Museum? ›

Best for kids 4 and up: While the Toddler area is designed for little ones and all ages can find plenty to explore, the museum really is geared more towards kids slightly older.

Can you bring water to the City Museum St. Louis? ›

Outside food or drink is not permitted in the museum. Water bottles are allowed but we encourage guests to bring as little with them as possible.

What do you wear to a modern art museum? ›

Consider layers and comfortable footwear, but stick to elevated classics. You might be tempted to hit the cultural institution in your most casual outfits, but it's worth paying a little respect to the greats you've gone to visit, dressing in a way that might pay proper homage to the artwork you see on the walls.

Can I bring a backpack to the MoMA? ›

Visitors may bring small backpacks into the galleries if they are worn on your front or side. Bags larger than 11 x 17 x 5 in (28 x 43 x 13 cm) and all backpacks are not permitted in Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty or Van Gogh's Cypresses.

Which museum is better MoMA or met? ›

Both MoMA and the Met have their merits. MoMA splendidly showcases modern art, while the Met provides a holistic experience of art through the ages. If you're looking to view works by a renowned artist like Picasso, Monet or Basquiat, you're sure to find them at these museums.

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