Visiting the HUGE *So Cal CYCLE Swap in Long Beach CA. April 25th 2021 (2023)


In this episode we visit the SoCal Cycle Swap in Long Beach CA. It's a great swap meet for vintage Motorcycle parts and tons of Harley parts and bikes, Japanese and parts and English Parts and bikes as well. A great place to look for parts for your project.. There is also a Huge parking lot full of motorcycles of all kinds.. Just walking around the Cycle parking lot is worth the price of admission. I'll talk to random people about their bikes too..
its was a great time!..
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It's time for another episode of the blues, heart biker in long beach, california, all right we're here today at the socal cycle, swap meet in long beach, california.

This is a pretty big event and we're gonna check it out and see what kind of cool stuff.

We can find there's a couple things I'm looking for, hopefully this time I'll find something.

But this is a quite a bit bigger than the norcal swap so let's see what they got.

So hi I'm doing good today.

How about you foreign good? Look at these okay is okay, is boom.

So so how about this cafe racer? So so hey, how's it going and what and you sell shovelhead motors, uh, yeah, yeah.

We build them.

We build them american scooter, restoration in anaheim, american scooter, restoration.


So if anybody's looking for a shovelhead motor he's, got a bunch of nice ones here and transmissions transmissions front ends and uh, right drops all right here.

Let me give you guys a couple of these.

These are my stickers.

And if you guys watch probably a week from today, I'll have it on there.

Look it up blues.

Heart biker that's me, awesome, all right, and they got some beautiful shovelhead motors here and parts got your center cluster.

And those are some really cool bags.

Look at this.

Yeah, well, it's, just because it's.

Adjusted, yeah, I have two others.

So good today, how are you guys doing good? I do a motorcycle channel on youtube.

Yeah, yeah, the blue shark biker here.

Let me get six feet apart.

Yeah, all right there you go.

Well, I have my vaccine so I'm all right, yeah, oh nice there you go very cool.

Man, yeah, yeah.


Look it up.

You guys will be on, uh on youtube, yeah.

Now, we're, famous, yeah, yeah.

You're going to be hundreds of people are going to see you we're going to like give you residuals or something.

Yeah, yeah.




The way it works.


The way it works.

You've already you've already gave them to me.

Yeah, nothing all of nothing is nothing.

So you guys are paid up and full, hey, there's, a there's.

A 48 fan frame there.

You don't see those very often look at that.

That is really something there people you don't see many of those anymore, just like that, uh, oh, yeah.

This one just today, oh from yeah, oh really.


I do a motorcycle channel on youtube.

Yeah, let me give you guys some stickers.

Thank you.

All right, sick, right on check it out.

Yeah, I do that's where I got the name from.

Thank you.

Well, look it up.

Look it up on youtube.

Next sunday, you'll probably be on here that yours.

Yeah, yeah.

I do a motorcycle vlog on youtube you mind.

If I ask you about it, no, I don't mind at all all right all right? Um.

So did you build it? Or was it? I built this in 2018 it's, a 1600 volkswagen, uh-huh, uh, swing axle transaxle, a bunch of parts off craigslist.

Yeah, everywhere else like it's, ground job.

Yeah, special construction for here in california.


So, uh, that's, pretty much it.

And and you built it around 2018, yeah.

So how about swerving to get out of the way or something? Does it move? Pretty quick that way? Or is it really? Not really, yeah, pay attention.

Yeah, sure is nice.

Thank you.

You know, elvis had a couple of these yes, it's in the museum.

Yep, this is really cool got a little sparkle in the paint there, real subtle? Huh? Yeah.



Yeah, medium.

Medium, red, metallic that's, really what? Thanks a lot.

Man, what's your name, glenn glenn I'm, john.

And my channel is the blues.

Heart biker.

Okay? Well, I sure hope I get myself on there, uh, yeah, you will watch it'll probably be on.


Next sunday, a week from today.

Terrific, yeah, all right all right? All right? What do you think glenn? Uh, got a cool thing going on here.

So thanks.

Thank you.

You bet man have a good one, hey, that's.

My bike.

I got one just like it.

Yeah, yeah.

It's a 2007.

Yeah, yeah.

Got a nice bike.

Man, I do a motorcycle channel on youtube.

Yeah, yeah.

Mike's name is hollywood hollywood.

Yeah, I don't want a big bag on it.

All right.

Yeah, just look that up on youtube, bluestar biker and you'll find it.

Yeah, yeah.

Here check.

Another one.

Thank you.

You better brother, nice, beautiful bike.

I know because I got one just like it.

Now, this is total southern california style.

Harley, right here, that's a big right there, beautiful road king, a bigger horn on.

And of course, you got the fishtail pipes that go about three foot behind the bags.

You've got to have that beautiful that's a lot.

Huh? I bet you that front tire costs more than my bike, um, where these tail lights these so it's got a cop suspension and a hot water.

Oh, this is what our trusty california highway patrol rides all right.

Something else he's got a blacked out.

I think it looks pretty good with the gray blacked out.

I don't know whether the chrome would chrome would pop on this bike.

Yeah, it does a little sparkly like rainbow, it's, greens, rainbow tint to it.


Right? Look at this shovel head.

Oh man.

Look at them.

Front forks, it's, not a motorcycle it's.

A chopper, you got some nice chrome on.


He's got four spark plugs in this he's got force block plug heads on this sure it's does beautiful machine.

There's, a nice road.

King, there, too classic southern california.

Victor ryder, very nice.

This is a kawasaki 350, three cylinder and it's pretty good.

These came in a series, two 350, 450 550 and 750.

The 750 was a beast.

All of these bikes were beasts a two-stroke, no suspension worth of dang, very cool.

Pretty cool looking fat.

Boy, really cool is this.

I wonder if any of you remember the jc, whitney catalog, and they always had these beautiful.

Welcome to southern california.

Well, all right, that's gonna wrap it up it's, pretty good time today in long beach at the swap meet, um saw some pretty cool stuff saw some pretty cool bikes.

Got this hat for five bucks and didn't get the uh the bag for the soft tail I'm looking for or uh, some other things from my sportster.

But you know, I saw some cool stuff.

I had a really good time.

It was a good getaway from fresno.

So you know what you got to do now subscribe subscribe give me a thumbs up hit the bell icon, it'll let, you know whenever I upload new content and comment, comment, often I really appreciate it.

Uh, don't, forget to we got, um sticker trade.

If you guys want a sticker, if you guys want to trade I'll post, my p.o box in the description below thanks.

A lot for watching we'll see you again, soon take care of each other.

Be cool have a good time, always and uh, thanks for watching.

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